Dutch art-pop duo Silver Lake will release their self-titled debut album on 17 March. The album was co-produced and recorded with Pieter Vonk. The new single Don't You Waste Our Time is out now.

Silver Lake makes nostalgic, melancholic indie pop. Twangy guitars create an atmosphere of tension, while the lyrics are full with anticipation and perhaps a touch of existential fear. It is a poignant dance between the clear, reassuring voice of Marleen Hoebe and the urgency and eloquence in the playing of multi-instrumentalist Jesse Koch. This led to their 10-song debut album: with a nostalgic nod to the past but with eyes keenly focused on the future.

Many of the themes reflected on the album revolve around change and the feelings that come with it. Change in society, relationships with the people around you, getting older, change of opinion or thought and, above all, the helpless feeling that all this change is largely beyond our control. With this record, Silver Lake wants to take both themselves and the listener into their world in search of hope and peace of mind, despite all the rush and chaos one lives with in this day and age; to pause for a moment and continue to find beauty despite it all. "We both have very different personalities and I think those water and fire qualities are also reflected in the music. Whereas songs of mine are often kind of introverted anthems, the songs that start with Jesse feel much more in-your-face and outward-looking. That duality makes it very sincere for us and creates a versatile collection of songs." - says Marleen Hoebe about the album.

New single Don't You Waste Our Time is about having to make difficult choices. "We made this song during a period when we both felt very restless, everything seemed to go way too slow and therefore we found it hard to be patient for events around us. A time in your life when you find out that you can't give everyone your time and energy and that sometimes you have to distance yourself from people because you don't bring out the best in each other." Watch the live video below.

Silver Lake only released their very first single Under The Silver Lake earlier this year, and later Violet, Beaches and Put Me Under were also released, which helped the duo gain exposure. Besides several radio performances, they also performed at festivals such as Grasnapolsky, Parkpop, Tuckerville and Hit The City and did supports for Rufus Wainwright, Son Mieux, Danny Vera, Novastar and Thomas Dybdahl, among others.

On 31 March Silver Lake will play their release show at Melkweg in Amsterdam

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