Kapitän Platte will release the debut album Mick Torres Plays Too F***ing Loud from Belgium based band Chatte Royal on March 8th. Today the mathy post-rock quartet shares the second single Zio Nervoso!

Listen + share: https://kapitaenplatte.bandcamp.com/track/zio-nervoso

The four-piece group has already released two EP's in 2020 and 2022 and will present eight new songs on the first full-length, Diego Di Vito who is responsible for most of the songwriting on the album is also well known as the guitar player in cinematic-post-rock band We Stood Like Kings.

Chatte Royal is like the music of a film whose image we would have removed. Obsessions that result in powerful riffs accompanied by an impactful rhythm. This quartet travels through music oscillating between atmospheric and aggressive math-rock and melodic post-rock with a punk attitude.

In a completely uninhibited style and imbued with virtuosity and energy on stage.

Pre-order is live here: https://kapitaen-platte.de

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