Hungarian electro-pop noir duo Black Nail Cabaret have just released the song 'Autogenic' as the first single from their forthcoming new album, ‘Chrysanthemum’.

"The term 'autogenic' means something that is created from itself and therefore coming from within," states singer Emèse Árvai-Illes. "When you turn your mind to your body and listen deeply, you bring yourself back to the present moment. It is a form of self-hypnosis.”

‘Autogenic’ is accompanied by a video directed by Reka ‘Szuszu’ Szulagyi, which Árvai-Illes explains “represents a trip into a dream when images from the mind bubble up. It may be affection. It may be war. It may be beauty or fear. All these images just come and go. We are also paying homage to the imagery of the ‘90s as its cult classics, movies and music videos have left an immense imprint on us.”

‘Chrysanthemum’ is their sixth full-length record and is set for release on 1st March 2024. It will be promoted with a UK tour that takes in eight shows with Empathy Test

  • 04.04.23 MANCHESTER Rebellion
  • 05.04.23 GLASGOW Classic Grand
  • 06.04.23 BRISTOL Dareshack
  • 07.04.23 NUNEATON Queens Hall
  • 10.04.23 NOTTINGHAM The Chapel
  • 11.04.23 NEWCASTLE Cluny 2
  • 12.04.23 SHEFFIELD Corporation
  • 13.04.23 LONDON Garage


The beautiful chrysanthemum derives its name from the Latin version of the ancient Greek χρυσάνθεμον, which translates as 'gold flower'. Its humble white form is also known as the ‘cemetery flower’ as its longevity is often used to adorn graves, while for Black Nail Cabaret its blossom paves the way for our own deathbed portraits.

Musically, the duo have brought their outstanding songwriting ability closer to perfection, with ‘Chrysanthemum’ effortlessly blending dark electronic sounds with pop noir elements. That they have form in delivering strong compositions rather than merely relying on studio wizardry was recently proved with ‘Woodland Memoirs’ (2023), an album of BNC songs that were recorded acoustically and released as Black Nail Cabaret & Friends.

Although BNC are also remaining true to their marked penchant for sexually explicit provocation, the primal and subconscious fear of death that triggers emotions, anxiety and the fear of letting go is also a thread running through ‘Chrysanthemum’. Moreover, their eroticism has always sought to avoid cheap clichés; rather, they depict their living BDSM reality in artistic fashion framed by high aesthetic standards.

BNC self-released their 2018 fourth album ‘Pseudopop’, a record that successfully fused art, pop, dark harmonies and powerful electronics. It made an impressive mark on the electronic music scene in their home territory and received an international relaunch after its 2020 follow-up ‘Gods Verging On Sanity’ saw their reputation spread rapidly, even though the global pandemic enforced limitations upon them.

The stars have now fully aligned for BNC to take on the world with a dark soundtrack to life's glory symbolised by a shiny white flower of seeming innocence that at closer inspection also carries the eternal might of death in its scent: ‘Chrysanthemum’.

1 My Home Is Empty
2 Autogenic
3 Totem and Taboo
4 Never Enough
5 Neurons
6 1mg
7 Darkness Is a Friend
8 Godspeed
9 Roadtrip
10 Teach Me How to Techno
11 The Faceless Boy

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