After four preceding singles and videos, Danish blackened rap metal duo GRADIENCE releases the debut EP ‘Ironsight’ today, Friday May 17th 2024. The band has already made its mark in the scene with its genre-fusioning tracks led by charismatic frontman and rapper Gavin Mistry and a string of vivid music videos created by the band’s own composer and guitarist Jakob Harris. Among those are the lead single ‘Blindsided feat Cabal’ including a guest vocal performance by Andreas Bjulver Paarup, and latest the hard hitting EP title track.

Tomorrow May 18th, GRADIENCE will play an EP release show and also their debut show at Urban 13 in Copenhagen with support from Cold Culture - tickets are available HERE.

GRADIENCE is a new Danish duo breaking down mental and musical barriers with its powerful fusion of trap-rap, black metal, metalcore and deathcore on the forthcoming debut EP 'Ironsight' set for a May 17th release. On the EP, the duo unfolds its stylistic abundance in a personal storytelling addressing the experience of being perceived as a stranger and the emotions and actions this schism can evoke.

GRADIENCE consists of vocalist and lyricist Gavin Mistry and musician and visual artist Jakob Harris. Both have previously released music in different contexts: Gavin in the hip-hop scene and Jakob as a prominent figure in the Danish metal scene, creating music and visuals for his own projects and delivering visual productions to various bands and artists.

When Jakob and Gavin met in 2022, the chemistry was evident, and the two decided to merge their musical worlds into a shared vision. From the beginning, they had a clear idea of breaking conventions by creating music not heard before in the metal scene. The approach was to fuse individual experiences and musical genres, crafting music they would listen to themselves, and addressing personal subjects that mattered to them. 'Gradience' means the absence of a clear boundary between two categories, precisely symbolizing the duo's aim.

The shared vision has now resulted in the five songs on GRADIENCE's debut EP 'Ironsight,' recorded in the summer of 2023 with producer Chris Kreutzfeldt (Cabal, Møl). On the EP, the duo seamlessly merges diverse musical elements, ranging from melodic metalcore, epic black metal, heavy deathcore, and groovy trap rap, creating a unique expression that encompasses emotions such as anger, aggression, melancholy, and sorrow, along with honesty and vulnerability that make the music and lyrics relatable and present.

Personal experience and the emotions and thoughts resulting from those experiences and their impact on life is the focus of Gavin Mistry’s lyrics. The songs delve into Gavin's upbringing and encounter with Denmark and Danish culture as an immigrant from Nigeria, the presence of racism, the grip of anxiety, and self-medication attempts to cope with it.

The lyrics thus focus on the feeling of alienation that can permeate an individual when met with skepticism, mistrust, and hatred. Being a stranger in the eyes of others is one thing, but this feeling can also spread like a poison in relationships, both with others and, worst of all, with oneself. Several songs on 'Ironsight' specifically deal with the tumultuous relationships that arise from the chaos that alienation can cause in a person.

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