Formed in the creative cauldron of Dayton, Ohio, BLACKWATER was born in 2017, spearheaded by the dynamic Brandon Sites on lead vocals and guitar. He remains the cornerstone and original member of a lineup that's as versatile as it is explosive. BLACKWATER isn't just a band; it's a revival, a fresh breath in the rock scene, a tale of perseverance and raw talent that's been building since Brandon's high school days. BLACKWATER is barreling toward the release of their new single, “Darkness”, due out on December 5th alongside an accompanying music video.
The track "Darkness" embodies the band's journey through the pandemic, encapsulating the uncertainty and manipulation experienced globally. The creative process was a testament to patience, with studio time dispersed and eagerly-awaited mixes finally bringing the song to life. Lyrically, "Darkness" delves into the psychological impact of celebrity influence and media-driven fear, resonating with the collective consciousness of their audience.

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The band's DNA is encoded with melodies and riffs penned over the years, with the single "Cold Home" being the first to mark their journey in the soundscape. Initially a trio, Brandon's powerful vocals and guitar were backed by Ben Willis on bass and Travis Mullins on drums. However, evolution is part of BLACKWATER's rhythm. Ryan Davis, known for his work with ROGUES & MONOCLE, brought his percussive prowess to the ensemble, followed by Taylor Miller's lead guitar—a veteran from CROSLEY COURT.

This lineup proved to be a creative force, unleashing their debut EP Overflow in March 2020—a time when the world was on the brink of an unprecedented pause. Amidst this global introspection, the lineup changed once more, introducing Justin Peterson on bass, another talent from the ranks of CROSLEY COURT, to the BLACKWATER family.

The quartet has since been inseparable, etching their name across the Midwest and sharing stages with renowned bands at events like the Blue Ridge Rock Fest in 2021. BLACKWATER's sound, characterized by its gritty riffs and authentic lyrics, draws influence from a spectrum of rock and metal giants—ALICE IN CHAINS' haunting melodies, ALTER BRIDGE's anthemic power, through to PINK FLOYD's progressive storytelling and SOUNGARDEN's grunge legacy.

With a history of performances at iconic venues like the Machine Shop in Flint, MI, and opening slots for bands such as BLACK VEIL BRIDES and P.O.D., BLACKWATER's presence in the rock scene is undeniable. Their accolades include the high-octane Blue Ridge performance alongside acts like SHINEDOWN, and a discography that resonates with fans across platforms.

BLACKWATER, with their digital footprints and streamed anthems, stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of rock music. They're not just a band; they're a statement, a soundtrack to the resilience that defines our times.

As BLACKWATER continues to write their story, one riff at a time, they invite you to be a part of their ever-expanding legacy.

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