BLOMST are due to drop their new album STIL September 6th, and you can pre-order it now!

"Upbeat, playful, and energetic, Blomst plays garage punk with Norwegian lyrics straight from the heart. Celebrated for their kick-ass tunes and raw front figure, Blomst has grown to become one of the best and biggest in their genre here in the country.

Blomst comment:
“Now that we are in our 30s we have more experience and more assured. We are confident enough to take slightly bigger chances.
On STIL we are taking it back to punk, daring to be harder in our critique of the status quo and bark back.
At the same time, we wish to maintain the melodic rythms and upbeat energy Blomst has come to be known for. We are inspired by bands like Viagra Boys and Idles - bands that are tough as a rock, but at the same time dare to be vulnerable to the point where their feelings seem to be completely on the outside of the body.
We are taking a risk here, but we're ready for it.”

Pre-order STIL here: https://psufvn6p3ts50888-20911...

Blomst (Eng.: flower) is not just a band, but an experience.
Their uplifting, energetic and playful take on punk rock creates an atmosphere of pure joy and freedom that immediately captivates the audience.

Through charismatic vocals, intense guitars, and driving rhythms, the band became an immediate favorite among both fans and the press when they started out in 2010.

With their intense energy and overwhelming stage presence Blomst has continued to prove their place in the Norwegian punk scene gaining bigger audience and greater attention. With several critically acclaimed releases behind them, including the albums "Blomst" (2015), "Blomst IL" (2019), and "Triatlon" (2022), Blomst has established itself as one of Norway's most beloved and respected bands within their genre.

Ever since their beginning, back in 2010, Blomst has been a band in continuous development both as musicians and songwriters, but also as individuals.
They’ve never stopped exlporing new musical references and soundscapes, seeking to reach out to new people and make even more impactfull music.

In 2024 we see a more matured band, with more expirence and more lessons learned.

"Just as balanced as a punch in the face, yet accessible enough to awaken the masses beyond those who have already embraced them entirely." - Dagsavisen

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