BOG MONKEY is a hybrid doom and sludge metal trio that has been destroying ears in Atlanta since 2020. About their recently released debut album "Hollow", BOG MONKEY's guitarist and vocalist says: "'Hollow' is a nasty, noisy, spacey, fuzzed out combination of everything we’ve been writing on the road and after our EP back in 2020. While we were recording the album, Joji (bass) and I contracted Covid 19, we had no idea either: we just thought we were super hungover. I guess that’s really what gave the album its sick-sounding riffs and my vocals sounded the way they did. We were ultimately shocked by its success, needless to say."

It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jay Matheson at the Jam Room in South Carolina. The album's lead single "Soma" was featured in Weedian's special "420 (III)" compilation alongside major acts such as Bongzilla, Dopethrone, Dopefight and Iron Monkey.

BOG MONKEY - Debut album "Hollow"
Available now on CD, vinyl and digital - S/R

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