After a twelve-year hiatus since their last full-length release, Montréal, Canada’s Derelict, pioneers of brutal melodic technical death metal, are back with a vengeance. Eric Burnet (vocals/guitar), Max Lussier (guitar/vocals), and Sébastien Pittet (bass) are joined by new drummer Tommy McKinnon, known for his many releases with Neuraxis, Akurion, Conflux, and more. Derelict is announcing their album “Versus Entropy”, which comes out on June 21st. In preparation, they are debuting the title track, which combines technical and progressive elements over a catchy and brutal death metal core. They share their thoughts on the single:

“If someone had never heard Derelict before and wanted to get an impression in one song, this would be the one. It’s melodic tech death with some brutal riff breaks, dueling solos, a lovely clean break, and an epic crescendo. The lyrics are about the human struggle to stave off decay and decline, which of course is impossible, and the toll that it takes.”

“Versus Entropy” marks a significant milestone for Derelict, showcasing their evolution and maturity while staying true to their familiar sound. Existing fans will be surprised and happy to hear new music from them that adds new layers of diversity.

Across nine tracks, “Versus Entropy” delves into themes of existential struggle, societal injustice, and personal introspection, offering a glimpse into the multifaceted nature of the human experience. From the relentless energy of “Infinite Dread” to the introspective depths of “The Escapist”, each track is a sonic journey that resonates with raw emotion and unbridled passion. The album and the single are recommended for fans of Revocation, Allegaeon, and Decapitated.

Listen to the single and album title track “Versus Entropy” via its premiere on Decibel Magazine HERE.

Due out on June 21st, 2024, the album “Versus Entropy” is available for pre-order -

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