Experimental post-black metal act CARA NEIR has returned for its eighth full-length album Phantasmal, a '90s-style survival horror concept featuring black metal's most enigmatic duo, due out July 29 via Zegema Beach Records.

Phantasmal is depicted as 16-track survival horror in a low-poly '90s fashion through chiptune-infused black metal, punk, and grind, serving as the sequel to Phase Out and will culminate in a trilogy. Recorded and produced by Garry Brents, the upcoming album sees the duo completely let loose with their imagination and storytelling.

Once again, we see the band warped from The One's RPG Gauntlet into a darker dimension known as Saint Succipio, home to a sinister and familiar pale entity known as Rex, who pulls the strings. The album takes place in what seems like a suburban neighborhood, yet off-kilter with its eerie silence and lurking inhuman presence.

Five characters were "unlocked" for this album from the Phase Out Bandcamp vinyl pledge. A special tier of five pledgers received the opportunity to create a character to be included in the Phantasmal concept story with commissioned pixel art by Thespianpixels.

Formed in Arlington, Texas, in 2008, CARA NEIR is Garry Brents (Homeskin, Gonemage, ex-Sallow Moth, ex-Wildspeaker) and Chris Francis (ex-Sugar Highlands, ex-Synthetic Onslaught). Having always experimented with different sounds for each album, this is for no reason other than simply enjoying a wide range of styles.

Phantasmal is the band's second release of 2022, following the 77 Myths of Venerable Magick split with Infernal Legions of Mordor via Foul Orc Piss Tapes and L.H.P.T.

Phantasmal Track Listing:

1. Menu (Intro)
2. Melted Candle
3. The Threshold
4. Dispensable and Primed
5. His First Daemon
6. You Can Stare Forever and Still Find Nothing
7. Remember the Bottom Feeders
8. Succipio (Interlude)
9. Unkindness
10. Make It Think We Trust It
11. The Humiston-Scoular
12. Knelt at the Steppe
13. The Damp Moonlight
14. No Escape From
15. Graven Rocks
16. Throttled into Decay

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