After many years of hiatus, reformed Danish band SUMMONS returns with the EP ‘Past is Now Now is Past’ out today November 24th 2023. With its both grandiose and intimate alt-rock compositions, the band explores personal fragments of the past and how they are seen, understood, and felt now, so many years later.

Alongside the EP, SUMMONS releases a music video for the song ‘Fall Apart’, that shows the band during the recordings in Black Tornado Studios, Copenhagen this past September. The video is created by visual artist Morten Grønnegaard (Rising, Melan Tropic o.a), who is also responsible for the EP artwork and the video for the single ‘Heavy Weight.

In connection with the release, singer and lyricist Carsten Mørch-Bentzen states: "In music, one can capture a time long gone by. Work with it through chords, pulse, and lyrics and create that very special space where old emotions are allowed to resonate against the new. And then you are there - in the midst of something magically new. With this EP, we have ventured into this space, and now we move together towards new horizons. I hope the listener hears and feels it."

Watch the video for ‘Fall Apart’ SUMMONS - Fall Apart (Official Video) - YouTube

SUMMONS was originally formed in 1990 during the members’ early teenage years, and until its dissolution in 1997, the band recorded five EPs and played numerous concerts. After the band disbanded, the friendships persisted over the years, while the members pursued various and diverse musical expressions and paths through life.

During a shared trip to the island of Moen in November 2022, two new songs emerged almost out of nowhere, unexpectedly and effortlessly, as if no time had passed since then. As the new music was realized in a rehearsal space, more songs arose, leading to a situation that none of those involved had quite anticipated - the desire and urge to be a band again.

Out of this renewed inspiration, a total of five songs were born, now constituting ‘Past is Now Now is Past’. All the EP's tracks have a distinctive melodiousness, melancholy, and exploratory nature at their core, with forays into more ambient and dreamy soundscapes, as in 'Water', where SUMMONS delves deep into a captivating and undiscovered underworld.

‘Past is Now Now is Past’ was recorded live in the studio in collaboration with producer Morten Bue (Diefenbach, Figurines, I Got You On Tape a.o.). Bue captured SUMMONS' energy as a rock band as well as the nuances of the songwriting, creating a resonant, dynamic expression staying true to the band's desire to create an EP that one can feel and be moved by.

The EP’s lyrics are built on fragments of memories from the past seen through the existential prism of the now-adult individual. The five band members shared a childhood and youth, and in the present, all these experiences come together in a unified artistic expression simultaneously retrospective and forward-looking, as illustrated in the EP's ambiguous title.

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