Following up on the debut album ‘Moments, Movements’ from 2023, the Danish hardcore trio OMSORG releases its new EP ‘Echoes’ today May 17th 2024 via Puffin Artlab. Late March saw the release of the EP’s first single ‘Resurgence’ with the band subsequently playing five successful UK shows, while the EP title track ‘Echoes' was released in April while touring in Norway. OMSORG will play two Danish release shows in Copenhagen and Aalborg and also, the band will perform at the legendary Roskilde Festival in Denmark in July as well as play a handful of fall dates with more to be announced.

OMSORG states in connection with the EP release and the forthcoming shows:

"We are really proud of the outcome of this EP. With "Echoes", we feel a perfect transition from our debut album to where we as a band are now. The EP contains some of our best material in our own opinion and we can't wait to get out there and bring these songs to life."

OMSORG Live 2024:

  • 31.05 - Musikcaféen, Copenhagen (DK) Release show
  • 01.06 - Huset, Aalborg (DK) Release show
  • 29.06-02.07 - Roskilde Festival (DK)’
  • 06.08 - Copenhell Family Reunion, Byhaven, Copenhagen (DK)
  • 12.09-14.09 - Copenhagen Metal Fest, Copenhagen (DK)
  • 01.11-02.11 - Aalborg Metal Festival (DK)

On the new EP 'Echoes’, Omsorg balances savagery and vulnerability through four songs that deliver highly personal songwriting driven by social indignation, a will to live, and an insistence on love and friendship despite existential suffering, self-destructiveness, and structural pressure.

Formed in Aalborg during the lockdown in 2020, guitarist/vocalist Jan Fenger Christensen and bassist/vocalist Trong Minh Le, old friends from the skateboarding scene in the small North Jutland town of Hjørring, joined forces with drummer Mads Skannerup Hansen. Shortly after their formation, they recorded two songs, that garnered attention and led to the first shows, a DK tour with Demersal, and later a two-week Europe tour with the same band.

In 2022, Omsorg recorded their debut album with producer Jacob Bredahl (Lifesick, Eyes), and when 'Moments, Movements' was released in 2023, it resonated in the scene with its contemporary and lyrically gripping emotional hardcore. Following the release, a series of well-attended DK shows followed, where the band truly connected with the Danish audience, including supporting Zeal & Ardor, performances at When CopenHell Freezes Over and SPOT METAL, as well as an EU/UK tour with Hoi-Poi solidifying the band as an important new name on the European punk/HC scene.

In January 2024, Omsorg returned to the studio with Jacob Bredahl, this time to record the four tracks that make up the new EP 'Echoes'. Like the debut album, the new songs were recorded live, giving the EP a unique vitality and dynamism. The new songs are unmistakably Omsorg with their warm, punchy sound and vibrant interplay, but the EP also shows the band's intention to step out of its comfort zone and expand with experiments in sound and production, especially in vocals and melody.

The EP's title 'Echoes' and the themes of the songs build on the debut album 'Moments, Movements' and its underlying idea that life consists of moments and movements. With 'Echoes,' it is added that life also consists of repetitions - and not always for the better if these are repetitions of destructive patterns, despite all good intentions.

The last lines in the song and on the EP, 'You promised to keep looking out for me - I Promise i’ll be, the best i can be,' are written about losing someone you love and a promise to keep living your life in the best way possible. It is a description of the constant struggle to appreciate things in life while facing reality, the difficult aspects and our basic conditions in life.

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