This past October, Danish world beat orchestra KLIMAFORANDRINGER announced its third album, Mørket på solens krop (‘The darkness upon the body of the sun’) set for a release on January 27th 2023. Along with the announcement, the ensemble released the album’s first single ‘Vår’ (‘spring’ in Danish). Today, the second single arrives in the shape of the beautiful parental hymn ‘Holder i min favn’, meaning ‘Holding in my arms’ in the band’s native Danish language. Guitarist, composer and lyricist Lars Bech Pilgaard states:

"Holder i min favn' is an ode to love of life in the wake of a new fatherhood. A recognition of us all coming from the same matter and that all belong to the same genus."

KLIMAFORANDRINGER has planned a string of Danish shows for spring next year - the dates are:

  • 23.02.23 - Generator, Ringkøbing (DK)
  • 24.02.23 - Harders, Svendborg (DK)
  • 25.02.23 - Loppen, København (DK)
  • 01.03.23 - TBA (DK)
  • 02.03.23 - Huset, Ålborg (DK)
  • 03.03.23 - Turkis, Århus (DK)

On Mørket på solens krop, KLIMAFORANDRINGER presents pulsating afro-rock and enigmatic soundscapes in an expression matured through a long period of time. The music is made of a darker matter and through trance-inducing sonic flows, deep connections between stunning polyrhythmic patterns, potent club music and krautrock are created. Mørket på solens krop was created in the aftermath of a newly founded parenthood and through simple lyrics, the album depicts emotions revolving around paternity and seeks to express the frustration and impotence of the unrestful state of the world, misfortune and inequality.

The music and lyrics act as a valve for composer Lars Bech Pilgaard and helps process the contrasting feelings caused by bringing life into a world that is hastily declining. At the same time, Bech Pilgaard seeks to illuminate a sense of universal togetherness where the urge to reach farther than the eye sees, may poke the listener's curiosity and perception of herself in the world of now. The album has become a sort of spiritual buffer zone in which we can fathom the times we live in and the emotion that arises with it.

Mørket på solens krop was created during a three-year recording process with multiple sessions with Jens Benz (Iceage, Powersolo, SVIN). The album is mixed and produced by Anders Bach Pedersen (Sleep Party People, Luster) and the artwork has been made by Marie Boye Thomsen.

The debut album, Ånder was released in 2016 on a beautiful 12-inch vinyl featuring a hand drawn cover by the artist Karen Segall. In late 2017, the sophomore album Slægt came out and garnered praise from reviewers as well as audiences all over Denmark. In 2018 the band did its first European tour which culminated in 2019 with a show at the acclaimed Eurosonic festival in Groningen, Holland. The members in Klimaforandringer make up a highly esteemed part of the scene and can be heard in ensembles such as Girls in Airports, SVIN, Bisse, Firs, Horse Orchestra, Under Byen, Yngel and Firs.

Listen to KLIMAFORANDRINGER’s new single ‘Holder i min favn' HERE

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