Today, dark metal outfit ELYSION is celebrating the release of their brand new studio album, entitled "Bring Out Your Dead", via Massacre Records. The band's new offering is available as CD Digipak, a limited LP Vinyl edition and Digital formats at THIS LOCATION!

In support of today's record release, ELYSION has just premiered a new lyric video for the song "Eternity"!

The band comments: "Perhaps one of the deepest ELYSION songs so far. We like to use simple language and vocabulary when serious messages lie underneath, this becomes more obvious in the middle atmospheric part of "Eternity". The futility of human existence, how fragile we really are, and flaws of our nature have always been matters of concern that our lyrics deal with. It is by far the darkest song on "Bring Out Your Dead" and, as far as compositions are concerned, one that brings new things to the table for us."

Watch the new ELYSION lyric video now streaming here ELYSION - Eternity (Lyric Video) - YouTube

Overwhelmed with emotions and melodies to share, the unexpected pandemic adds a veil of darkness to everyone’s view of the world today. This could not leave ELYSION untouched either, as it influenced their new album when it comes to symbolism and atmosphere used on the record. Taking a few steps back and contemplating everything, it becomes clear that we are miserably failing as humanity.

Despite not being considered a concept album, "Bring Out Your Dead" indicates a crossover from darkness towards light; with "light being our better version, our pure nature, one that hasn't been poisoned by the corruption of mankind“. The ten new album tracks consist of a lot of different compositions, thus letting many different shades of their musical character show. Apart from ELYSION’s distinctive own identity being prominent throughout the songs, it gave them great excitement to experiment with heavier sounds, a more alternative atmosphere and dynamics that led to an evolved sound compared to their previous releases.

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