"My 4th solo LP, after recording many albums with my bands JUD, Damn the Machine, The Fullbliss, Ministers of Anger, and Murdercar. I have worked on and off with many bands and in between, I love to do my own albums. "Lights For The Living" captures the struggle and mood of the years 2020 &2021, in the village with my family in Germany, locked down and writing and recording through 2 winters, trading files via internet with my drummer, and more and more realizing that we had created quite a monster with this release. We worked harder to get the quality up, did "dim" mastering, so to capture everything in the best form. Living in and around Berlin, after leaving Los Angeles has added a certain flavor to the music, I think in L4TL one can really hear this. After working with so many projects it made the most sense to form a label of my own, so most of my releases of the last years have come out on Village Slut Records, a 1 man operation, with lots of fan helpers around the globe.

In the back of my mind as I was creating and recording this album I was often reminded, of why I have been so passionate about music since the age of 13 back in 1979. I remember feeling connected, if I heard a dark or sad song, I had the feeling that there were others out there, and they were also listening to the same songs, and feeling some comfort. The covid years were dark, I hope they are over, and this was my humble gift to the world of suffering if any way to offer up something in return. It is still an honor after 40 years of making music to bring another one out, so enjoy and I am excited to hear how it hits you all"

„A reflection of our position in time, from 2020-2022, as the beautiful possibility of humanity, upon a speck of sand in an unmeasurable universe, continues to test itself „ DJC

„If you want to do something good for yourself, treat yourself to this new magnificent work by a free spirit who is as productive as he is creative...with depth far removed from all style categories...Clemmons is one of those exceptional figures without whom our beloved guitar music would be a good deal poorer.“ Ludwig Krammer / Rockhard Print Magazine Germany / preview text 10/01/21

As a follow up to the highly acclaimed „Tribe & Throne (2020)“ L4TL is again powered by Thomas Götz – Drums (Beatsteaks) and Early Grey – Bass (DJC/Fullbliss) and released via Village Slut Records, recorded by Thomas Götz & DJC & mixed by DJC & Dog Young. Clemmons has been building a solid discography of groundbreaking work since 1987 with releases that remain musically & socially relevant decades later.

For those new to DJC, a short list of his projects include: Ministers of Anger 1987-(w/Dave McClain/Machine Head/Sacred Reich) Damn The Machine 1991- (w/ Chris Poland/Megadeth) Jud 1994- (with Hoss Wright / Mondo Generator) The Fullbliss 1997- (w/ Anne de Wolff / Bap/Calexico/Rosentstolz & Joey Gold/ Love/Hate)

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