DEADNIGHT was forged in the Chicago underground in 2003. With their ferocious old-school thrash riffing, screaming guitar solos and haunting atmosphere, DEADNIGHT’s blackened sound is truly unparalleled. Heavily influenced by Sodom, Kreator and Destruction, DEADNIGHT combines the intensity of old-school thrash metal with the atmosphere of Bathory and Dissection.

With the release of Messenger of Death in 2008 (Rotting Corpse Records), DEADNIGHT have established an international reputation as a powerful extreme metal band capable of displaying many diverse elements in their music. 2011 marked the release of their evolutionary effort, Riders of the Black Wind which was mastered by Andy Laroque (King Diamond) at Sonic Train Studios. In 2022, after an extended hiatus, Canon of Irreverence was Mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound AB and unleashed upon the masses.

Throughout the past two decades, DEADNIGHT have performed at Central Illinois Metalfest (2008) toured the United States and shared the stage with Kreator, Exodus, Children of Bodom, Monstrosity, Brutal Truth and Belphegor.

  • “True metallic fury has been unleashed as Deadnight blasts forth with Messenger of Death, one of the most hammering, true METAL albums of the year.” - SOD Magazine
  • “A no-frills approach that emphasizes razor sharp riffs, speedy gallops and conventional, yet skillfully written song structures goes a long way toward making the disc memorable and menacingly fun.” - Metal Maniacs
  • “Riffs and leads soar like that of the mythical phoenix, barbarous rhythms resound from the bowels of hell, and inhumane vocals of the Dissection kind mutilate and eviscerate.” -Bravewords & Bloody Knuckles

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