The air around you is heavy and dank, making it hard to breathe. There is a sound behind you. Was it a footstep or your imagination? Out of the corner of your eye, something moved. A wisp of hair or a shadow skulking about in the darkness?

You move through your surroundings, questioning everything you see, hear and feel. Did something just brush past you? Your arm starts to tingle and burn. You look down and see what look like claw marks running the length of your forearm. Did you reflexively scratch yourself or is there something else in the room?

Mist swirls around you and seems to take the shape of something vaguely familiar. Warm breaths on a cool night or something more sinister? You hear something up close, yet indistinct – it sounded like a laugh. Is this your imagination or are you about to encounter something demonic?

This is the world built by DiGregorio. A soundscape dense with the apprehension of the foreboding unknown; an ethereal sonic atmosphere inviting you into it’s cold depths.

Born in 2015 from a desire to meld music, folklore and history, founding member Suzanne DeCree created what she calls “Paranormetal”. Writing at least one song a week for a year, Suzanne ended up with her 19-song opus – House of Gregory, a fictionalized biography turning real-life paranormal experiences and struggles with her metaphorical demons into the tale of a haunted mansion.

Just after the release of the first half, House of Gregory, Chapter 1, her father suddenly passed away. As part of the grieving process, she interrupted her scheduled releases to re-record her Black and White EP, a classically influenced suite she had written years before after another sudden and tragic death.

With the release of House of Gregory, Chapter 2, the haunted house shuts its doors, but the journey continues…

For fans of Tarja, Epica, Lacuna Coil

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