Fans of the Greek black metal scene will be thrilled to hear that Drakon Ho Megas is released their second album, "Έλευσις Αντίχριστου (COMING OF ANTICHRIST)", on January 5, 2023. The album, which was released by Floga Records, will be available in digital, CD, and LP formats.

Drakon Ho Megas is a band in the vein of Rotting Christ, Cult of Eibon, Yoth Iria, and Katavasia, and is sure to appeal to fans of these seminal Greek black metal acts. The band's second album promises to be an intense and atmospheric journey through the dark and mysterious world of black metal.

The LP version of the album will be available in the summer of 2023, providing fans with a tangible artifact of Drakon Ho Megas' musical vision. Whether you're a seasoned black metal veteran or just discovering the genre, "Έλευσις Αντίχριστου (COMING OF ANTICHRIST)" is sure to be a standout release in the Greek black metal scene

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