The eclectic electronic artist Arms and Sleepers has shared the breathtaking new track ‘Belfast (feat. Sofia Insua)’, lifted from his forthcoming 14th full-length album, ‘What Tomorrow Brings’, set for release on March 1st, 2024 via Berlin’s Pelagic Records.

‘What Tomorrow Brings’ is a sonic exploration of artist and producer Mirza Ramic’s experience of fleeing war-torn Bosnia in the early 1990s and the death of his father in the conflict, his life-changing journey mapped over four, distinct musical sections.

‘Belfast (feat. Sofia Insua)’ comes from the album’s second section, ‘Melancholy’, and is a haunting, waltz-time ballad that strikes a cinematic balance between nostalgia and despondency. Featuring an arresting vocal lead from actor, singer, composer and multidisciplinary artist Sofia Insua, Mirza took inspiration for the track, and indeed the entire album, in part from Kenneth Branagh’s award-winning, 2021 feature film ‘Belfast’. “The album is divided into 4 sections, titled Innocence, Melancholy, Rupture and Reflection,” says Mirza, “it is a journey of being forced out of your neighbourhood, your community, your city and country as a child; which is what happened to me and what the film Belfast is about.”

“I saw the movie around the time when the war in Ukraine started” he continues, “and it brought back a lot of difficult memories for me - in addition to my very close connection to Ukraine as I've toured there extensively over the last 15 years.”

Insua’s dreamy vocal performance feels like overhearing one half of a desperate phone call, intimate and immediate; demanding of answers that might never come in a rush of conflicting emotions that has become a hallmark of Mirza’s incredible body of work as Arms and Sleepers.

Formed in 2006 in Boston, Massachusetts and now living in Berlin, Germany, Ramic has subsequently released 13 full albums and over 20 EPs of glitched out electronic grooves that take as much inspiration from leftfield hip hop experimentalism as they do from the slowburn ambience and panoramic euphoria of contemporary post-rock.

Where the most recent Arms and Sleepers full-length release, 2022’s ‘former kingdoms’, is peppered with the sultry saxophone refrains, syncopated 16ths and laidback, smoky ambience of a New York jazz bar; ‘What Tomorrow Brings’ is acute, urgent and insistent; with reverb-soaked samples and found sounds backed by complex, driving drum breaks that demand complete attention.

Even as a snapshot of ‘What Tomorrow Brings’, ‘Belfast (feat. Sofia Insua)’ is proof that, as Arms and Sleepers, Mirza Ramic continues to blur the boundaries between genre, heritage, expectation and influence, producing music that is new, timeless and undeniably extraordinary.

Arms and Sleepers on ‘Belfast (feat. Sofia Insua)’:

“The 2nd single ‘Belfast’ is one of the central pillars of the new album and was directly inspired by Kenneth Branagh’s film ‘Belfast’. The melancholy of childhood and the harsh abruptness of war interrupting a happy childhood, as portrayed in the film, deeply resonated with me and my own similar personal experience. I wanted to capture and process this feeling – of the joy of childhood memories and the pain of life-altering trauma – through music. ‘Belfast’ took a long time to complete, and has quickly become one of the most important songs I have written as Arms and Sleepers. I also knew that I wanted this track to tell a story through a human voice, and so it was a pleasure to have Sofia Insua contribute once again with her own character and narrative.”

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