Already on their first three albums, the band around Arkadius Antonik (Suidakra) and Sascha Aßbach celebrated a gallant ride through the various facets of brute, modern metal. In the last few years, things got a bit quieter around FALL OF CARTHAGE, but in 2022, the groove metallers are releasing their fourth album and have breathed new life into the Phoenix!

"Drawn Into Madness" offers 34 minutes of relentless, straight banging. Blastbeats, catchy riffs and groovy rhythms hardly give you time to relax your neck, whereby the band successfully avoids landing in an overly confining genre box even in the year 2022. The song structures in combination with the multifaceted vocals of Aßbach are too diverse and unfold an intoxicating dynamic.

The uncompromising brute overall sound, for which Arkadius is responsible this time and which would also suit a Swedish old-school death metal album, also contributes to this. The mixture of intense arrangements and the bone-dry production gives the album its very own charm. Fall Of Carthage have become musically more mature without having to give up their musical freedom and deliver with "Drawn Into Madness" probably their strongest work.


1. Sesame Seeds
2. Slipping Through The Wall
3. True Oblivion
4. Dug Under
5. Smell Of The Oak
6. Cause Of My Death
7. Bloodwater
8. Absurd Formulae

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