Anti is the third release of the majorquian post-rock band/collective F/E/A (Forces Elèctriques d’Andorra). Recorded live with Toni Salvà at Diorama Sound and mastered by Doug Henderson at Micro Moose Berlin, the record captures as never before the sound of the band, showing them at the peak of their strengths, with that unique blend of mantric primitiveness and evocative epic that made them a well known and respected name in the underground scene, both in the island and abroad.

The groups sound can be described as instrumental rock, hugely influenced by avant-garde sounds; from the post-rock textures of Godspeed You! Black Emperor or Mogwai to the forcefulness of the post-metal of Russian Circles; from the minimalism of Glenn Branca to the abrasive noise-rock of Boris or Sonic Youth; from Swans’ no wave dissonances to the hypnotic rhythms of Spacemen 3 or Popol Vuh, F/E/A’s music has been described as primitive, hypnotic and atmospheric, three adjectives with which they feel comfortable.

The album marks a turning point for the band as well, with the international release in Europe via Sliptrick Records, in the USA with Electric Talon Records and with the support of Error! Music in Spain.

01. Rodellar | 02. Corpus | 03. Malpas | 04. 52 | 05. Orsini | 06. Atta Boi | 07. Wata

Anti | Released June 6th, 2023 via Sliptrick Records

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