Emerging from the depths of the Greek metal scene, VENUS is set to make their mark with the upcoming release of their debut album, "Obscured Until Observed," scheduled to drop on November 14th through Xtreem Music on CD and digital formats. This album promises a sonic journey that combines technical thrash metal with elements of horror and sci-fi horror, drawing inspiration from iconic bands like Kreator, Vektor, Death, Coroner, and Megadeth.

VENUS was born in 2021, a product of the creative collaboration between Giorgos Verginis (guitars/harsh vocals) and Antonis Avtzis (guitars/clean vocals). Following the digital-only release of their debut EP "Project Lamda" via Pure Steel Records in July 2022, the band has dedicated nearly a year to crafting their highly anticipated full-length debut.

"Obscured Until Observed" showcases VENUS's evolution, dedication, and boundless creativity. The album promises a dynamic and technical approach to thrash metal with subtle touches of death metal.

Tracklist for "Obscured Until Observed":

  1. Sons of Grus
  2. The Observatory
  3. City of Nektron
  4. Circus Strange
  5. Alive
  6. Artificially Prolonged Existence
  7. Venus Legacy
  8. The Arrhythmic Pulse of the Universe
  9. Subatomic Search For Human Consciousness

As anticipation for the album builds, VENUS is also unveiling their first advance single, giving fans a taste of their unique sound. You can listen here:

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