"Hi energy" heavy rockers HI/JACK have revealed "Hello", the second single from their upcoming album Everything You Know Is Yesterday which will be released on May 3rd, 2024 via Blue Collar Records.

The band comments "This track is about that fantasy of meeting a special someone with the whole story, playing out in your head, but you haven’t even said hello.”

Listen: https://open.spotify.com/track/6MTIXsgJEQ819DyD9KPgDc?si=f8cd34c4c7354efa

About HI/JACK:
HI/JACK is a two piece Rock n Roll band hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Established in 2014 on a chance meeting between members Ron and Max. Max, in between bands at the time, was asked to stand in for a one night gig. It was that show that made them realize they played well off of each other. As Ron was committed to his band at that point, it wasn't until a while later, and fate winning Ron a new Gretsch drum kit, that the two joined forces to form HI/JACK. The duo draw musical inspiration from classic rock and traditional metal, such as the likes of LED ZEPPELIN, TOOL, THE CLASH, and METALLICA.

They take pride in their live performances and have directly supported ONE EYED DOLL and have opened for KOFI BAKER, SEPTEMBER MOURNING and SAVING ABEL. HI/JACK focus on their songwriting ensuring to deliver catchy hooks. Through their technical abilities and musical versatility, HI/JACK seek to break boundaries with their distinctive sound and performance style.

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