The second album of finnish extreme metal band i Helvete has now been released. The band has also released a lyric video for the album title track Yksi Yhteinen Yhteiskunta. The video announces the concept album's agenda: modern society has come to the end of the road, it's time for the winds of change and everyone can’t survive it.

WATCH Yksi Yhteinen Yhteiskunta lyric video:

Singer-guitarist Aleksi Mäkelä comments on the new album: "For our second album, we wanted a sound as authentic as possible. In the recordings, we tried to find a complete package for the sounds and effects, so there would be no need to do, for example, reamping. In addition, the violin, accordion and piano tracks were recorded with the help of session musicians. Virtual instruments are therefore hardly heard on this record. These measures turned out to work correctly and the album has an authentic, raw and massive sound."

i Helvete has already released three singles from their new album this fall. The new lyric video song is not quite a traditional song:

"Yksi Yhteinen Yhteiskunta is growing all the time. There will be more and more instruments and the tempo increases as it progresses further. This song doesn't contain singing. It is a speech - or actually the manifesto of our movement." Mäkelä continues

Yksi Yhteinen Yhteiskunta CD can be ordered from Inverse Store and Recordshop X. It can be listened to on all streaming services:

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