March 31st will see the release of the brand new full-length record by Demonic Resurrection frontman Demsontealer. The fourth album by the Mumbai, India -based metal veteran is called "The Propaganda Machine" and is accompanied by an elite ensemble of some of the best musicians in metal. The 8 track album is relentless in it's brutality while still remaining melodic. Lyrically the record is a hard hitting take on the polarized world today and one that speaks truth to power.

After the release of the first single "Monolith of Hate" Demonstealer follows up with the matching playthrough video. The track features James Payne (Kataklysm/Hiss From The Moat) on drums, Martino Garattoni (Ne Obliviscaris) on bass and Anabelle Iratni (ex Cradle of Filth) on keys.

Watch the video here Monolith of Hate feat @JamesPayneDrums @MartinoGarattoni & @anabelleofficialxiii - YouTube

Anabelle Iratni on "Monolith of Hate":

"There's a beautiful duality in this track, as often seen in the human condition. It was a very natural process writing the keyboard parts, they lend themselves well to the umbra throughout."

Demonstealer adds:

"Musically this is one of the fastest songs on the album and yet the most melodic one. Lyrically the song talks about the current state of the world and how hateful the world is. The political and social divide, the hate in particular. I live in India which like most countries is experiencing a wave of hate. It's always politicians and religious leaders riling up hate against minorities. We're being consumed by it and everyday we see horrific news and crimes. In India ever since the right wing Hindu nationalist party came into power there has been a surge in crimes against minorities, there have been attacks on students, journalists and activists being jailed and so on. They have employed hundreds of people into their IT cell and their only job is to spread propaganda and hate online. Not even Bollywood is spared. It's a real shit show and this song is a reflection of the hate we are seeing in the world today."

"The Propaganda Machine" will be coming out on March 31st and is now available for pre-order at THIS LOCATION


1. The Fear Campaign
(Hannes Grossmann, Dominic 'Forest' Lapointe, Anabelle Iratni & Dean Paul Arnold)
2. Monolith Of Hate
(James Payne, Martino Garattoni & Anabelle Iratni)
3. The Propaganda Machine
(Ken Bedene, Stian Gundersen & Anabelle Iratni)
4. The Art Of Disinformation
(Sebastian Lanser, Kilian Duarte, Alex Baillie & Anabelle Iratni)
5. Screams Of Those Dying
(Hannes Grossmann, Dominic 'Forest' Lapointe & Anabelle Iratni)
6. The Great Dictator
(James Payne, Martino Garattoni & Anabelle Iratni)
7. The Anti-National
(Sebastian Lanser, Kilian Duarte & Anabelle Iratni)
8. Crushing The Iron Fist
(Ken Bedene, Stian Gundersen, Sanjay Kumar & Anabelle Iratni)

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