AVGMNT (pronounced augment) the dystopian cyberpunk themed brainchild of ΩZ (Zach Wager) and αn (Fernando Ruiz) have released their latest single "Corpvs". "Corpvs" is the follow up to their their debut full-length, SEQVENCES, released earlier this year. Copies of SEQVENCES are available HERE.

AVGMNT offers: "Hello denizens of Hexatropolis 2.0 and beyond. We here at AVGMNT would like to present to you our latest single - CORPVS. A brooding, sonically dense delve into the minds of technological addiction - the highs - the lows - the acceptance - the rejection. Enjoy,"

While AVGMNT's roots and wires can be traced to distant dystopian times and places, the project is thoroughly caked in the grime of the present. No longer is science and dystopia merely a work of fiction, but coming to fruition before our eyes. The opening track “Horizon Sequence” is a swirling meditation that advances like an oncoming storm. Moving forward into “Copy <Waste>” the album slowly builds neon lit streets, with back alley whispers under prying eyes of machines that watch your every move. Album highlight “Somatose” pushes forward the urgency of the album. Wrapping on “Pvre Black”, the album ends on a defiant and triumphant note.

Decrypt the desolate and get lost in the infectious and connective notes of AVGMNT.

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