Today, JARKI MONNO reveals his new single ‘i don’t play with love’ taken from the highly anticipated new EP MOTHER TOLD ME ‘THESE THINGS HAPPEN’, set for release on 19 January 2024 via Marshall Records. Fans can pre-save the EP and steam the new single – HERE.

The latest effort of the rapidly rising London-born vocalist and troubadour reflects the practices of self-betterment, mindfulness, and owning one’s shortcomings to become the best version of oneself.

“This song is about accepting that I was in denial about being in the wrong in past relationships” the vocalist confesses. “I almost see it as an apology to those I’ve emotionally hurt in some way” he continues, reflecting. “I’m finally putting the blame on myself, overcoming my past immaturity, and coming to grips with the fact that, if it were the other way around, I wouldn’t like to be treated that way…

"The song’s foundations were written back in 2021, but I wanted to wait for the right time to lay it down once I had come to grips with the person I was and who I am today. Collaborating with FJ Law, the producer of 'Dead End Town,' was a deliberate choice to ensure the song's production matched its personal significance".

A deeply introspective release, the poet’s latest offering traverses the constant ebb and flow of relationships, love, loss, and the importance of family. MOTHER TOLD ME ‘THESE THINGS HAPPEN’ is, in essence, the distillation of the modern human condition and the documentation and reaffirmation of humanity’s shared experiences. We live, we all love, and we, too, shall pass. Make the most of the moments while you can and be present.

“People come and go in your life” muses Jarki Monno. “Friends that have been there from day one might not be there now, but at the same time, people that were never part of your life back then are a really crucial part of it now”. That realisation and the maturity that comes with it launches the next chapter for Jarki, brimming with the powerful introspection that has already turned heads by the likes of seminal tastemakers Jo Whiley and Phil Taggart – the latter describing him as the rightful heir to Loyle Carner’s throne, much to Jarki’s delight.

In this sea of constant change, Jarki Monno has found stability in the most wholesome of places, his family, and his art. The former is the inspiration behind the project’s title and the self-described rock that has seen him through life's many trials and tribulations. The latter, a carefully honed list of passionate creatives that have helped foster Jarki’s wide-reaching talent, comfortable in himself and unafraid to lay his vulnerability bare. Now, taking a small step away from rap and spoken word to embrace his singing, it’s never been more evident. “It feels beautiful that these producers that I can call friends are part of this project, and it means a lot to me” he smiles. "They take the care and pride and love it as much as me".

But it’s his plus one for life, his mum, that stands front and centre. Jarki, who recently moved back home to small-town Hemel Hempstead after five years in Brighton, owes much of his confidence to her and his sister, the driving forces behind his characteristic openness. “I will forever owe everything I do to her” he beams of his mother. "Two years ago, I was thinking of packing it in, and now I’m at the point where I’ve signed a deal. It’s all because of her".

These themes are made evident in his first single, ‘DEAD END TOWN, a triumphant and hopeful burst of positivity about breaking free from nostalgia and small-town living while looking towards the future with the support of his nearest and dearest.

Having lost his dad at an early age – the catalyst for the triumphantly honest ‘Wet Shave’ - Jarki quickly learned the power of open expression. “Girls, women, and females are very open in their friendship groups, and I think growing up around that is what helped me be undeniably myself” he explains. It’s a lesson he takes with him every day, driven by chipping away at the male mental health stigma and passionate about fundamental change. “Especially with the town that I come from, it’s not really talked about” he laments. Through his music, much like his idols, he looks to make a difference. “When it comes to the actual creative part and the producing, there’s nothing in the way. You are 100% yourself. That’s why it works when you have that friendship. With the plan to break down these barriers, these people are helping me do that in telling my story and being undoubtedly myself".

That vulnerability and honesty, driven by genuine connection, underpins ‘Mother Told Me…’, a collection of six songs primed to propel Jarki Monno towards mainstream success. But with dreams of a debut album and his sights firmly set on bigger stages, his most pressing ambition remains fittingly humble. "There’s one billboard in Hemel Hempstead. To be able to have a Jarki Monno debut album on that, that’s the dream".

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