Jonas Albrecht's music fascinates on many levels, but on «LACK» it becomes particularly easy to hear and feel how close repetition - excessive demands - redemption are to each other. Despite the fast pulse and the immense energy contained in this drumming, Jonas Albrecht's music is never tense, but retains a lightness and playfulness. A hammering until the hearts vibrate.

With the four tracks «LIECHT», «LEIB», «LUST» und «LACK», Jonas Albrecht creates nothing less than a mantra for being human: Through the complete exhaustion of the body, the protective shield is discarded, and the vulnerability underneath pulsates as pure, unmistakable humanity. When the sweat flows and the drum sounds penetrate the soft structure of the trance, your own state of mind no longer matters.

Jonas Albrecht, who is also part of the experimental krautrock band Film 2, will bring his album to the stage live from January 2024 as an immersive trance performance with the «Schrei mich nicht so an Orkestra».

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