Today, on IDAHOT (the international day against homophobia and transphobia), Kids With Buns release their new single "nothing new". The song tells the poignant story of the coming out of Amber and Marie, making it the most personal track on their debut album "out of place", which saw the light of day on October 13 last year.

Alongside this song release, they launch a three-part mini documentary in which Amber and Marie engage in conversations with fans about their stories and the heartbreaking as well as heartwarming experiences that come with being queer. These conversations, which began at the merchandise table, deserve a platform. Because indeed, days like May 17 are still necessary, even in 2024.

Each episode lasts approximately 10 minutes and contains compelling testimonies that will leave no one untouched. The first episode premiered today on YouTube, with the other two following each with a week's interval.

The choice of "nothing new" as a single was obvious for the band. The song was too important not to give a moment. It addresses the impact of homophobia on (adolescent) life. Both Amber and Marie were outed by others at a time when they were not ready themselves. This happened at a young age in the midst of their adolescence, already a generally intense and turbulent period. Amber was 15 and Marie was 17 years old.

A period of powerlessness and shame followed. Suddenly, Amber and Marie were seen differently within their school group, losing friends. This period had a significant impact on their mental well-being and is something they continue to carry with them.

Marie: "As a teenager, you already have so much on your mind, and life is already quite overwhelming. Dealing with queerphobia at such a crucial stage in life is ridiculously tough for a teenager."

Unfortunately, it is no coincidence that both Amber and Marie experienced this separately. For many LGBTQ+ youth, it is still not a given to be able to be themselves. They cannot be themselves at school, in sports clubs, in youth organizations, at home...

Meanwhile, Marie and Amber have been out for a while now and find themselves in a different world. Being queer still remains a large and fundamental part of their lives, but shame no longer accompanies it. They now experience being queer in a beautiful way. Nevertheless, they do not want to forget that it was once different and also shed light on the painful aspects by engaging in conversations with fans.

Listen to Marie talk about coming out with Sofie Lemaire on Radio 1.

17 mei Single “nothing new” with video and first episode of the “Nothing New Series”
24 mei episode 2
31 mei episode 3

11 May, Rock Affligem
05 July, Wilde Weide, Kraggenburg (NL)
12 July, Cactus Festival, Bruges
08 August, Garden Theater, Hannover (DE)
24 August, Maanrock, Mechelen
15 November, Reflektor, Liège
16 November, Jeugdcentrum De Bilding, Bilzen
27 November, De Roma, Antwerp
04 December, TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht (NL)
12 December, Wilde Westen, Kortrijk

It's been four years since Marie Van Uytvanck and Amber Piddington first shared a stage together during the 2019 Sound Track preliminaries. What initially had been intended as a temporary solution (Marie’s guitarist had called in sick) worked out so well that the two of them decided to form the band Kids With Buns, after the Gorillaz song ‘Kids with Guns’. The music they made together - wistful bedroom pop songs about matters of the heart - caught on. First singles “1712” and “Bad Grades” quickly gained traction, in August 2020 they made it to the semi-finals of Humo's Rock Rally and in January 2021 they won Studio Brussel's talent competition De Nieuwe Lichting. From then on things started moving quickly for the duo: “bad grades” reached first place in the charts and received more than 3 million streams on Spotify. In their first year, they performed at Lokerse Feesten, played at the Lotto Arena and presented their debut EP Waiting Room in two sold-out Ancienne Belgique shows in April 2022.

There, Amber and Marie surrounded themselves with a live band for the first time, with bassist and keyboardist Stijn Konings (LANI) and drummer Dajo Vlaeminckx (RHEA). They gained stage experience and started playing shows abroad: the band toured through the Netherlands supporting Balthazar and Eefje de Visser and subsequently played an almost sold-out headline tour there. They performed at showcase festival Eurosonic Noorderslag (NL) and were put in the line up of Down the Rabbit Hole (NL). This summer they played at Pukkelpop and the German Reeperbahn Festival. 

Marie draws inspiration from artists like Nick Drake, while Ben Howard has influenced Amber's guitar style. Most importantly they drew from Girl in Red who also writes candid guitar songs and, like them, does almost everything herself. But they managed to stay close to what makes Kids With Buns, Kids With Buns: the intimate indie rock driven by Amber's melodic guitars and Marie's uniquely deep voice, creating sad bangers to dance to during a mental breakdown in the bathroom.

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