Iris Harley is the female vocalist who’s velvety rich, smooth sultry tones have been likened to such iconic legendary greats as Ella Fitzgerald.

Following her dreams and passions in expressing her thoughts and feelings through her music Iris began writing her own songs. Through her songwriting Iris beautifully captures the emotions she feels and succinctly transcribes them through the mediums of melodies,harmonies and lyrics.

Her latest release ‘Last Breath’ is a powerful, soulful, and deeply evocative track with R&B and jazz influences not dissimilar to sounds that might be associated with the likes of other such powerhouse women such as Amy Winehouse or Nina Simone.

Harley’s control and resonant chest voice notes make this track an emotive listen. She purrs her way through the sensual, deftly arranged number with the confidence and audacity of an experienced chanteuse and her sustained notes are just glorious. Her range is wide and her intonations quite simply, stunning.

‘Last Breath’ is laid-back soothing music for the souls with a strong beating heart.

Iris has said of the track: “Life can be very difficult to navigate, especially with curve balls which can spin out of control. When you embrace the sunshine and rain, you discover love, balance and harmony.”

‘Last Breath’ was written by Iris Harley who also appears on all vocals on the track. She was accompanied by Gregor ‘G-Man’ McPhie on Guitar and virtual band. The track is being released on Iris’s own Sing with Soul Records.

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