LYZZÄRD emerged in 2013, releasing their first EP "Release the Hounds" in 2014. Already in 2017, they signed with Fighter Records for the release of their 1st album "Savage". After playing several shows in Portugal, Spain and Germany, the pandemic came and two changes in the line-up happened as well, to finally record their 2nd album in 2022 under the title "The Abyss" and which will again be released by Fighter Records. Currently, LYZZÄRD are stronger than ever and eager to return to the stage!!

In 2022, after two years of the pandemic and several personal ramifications in the middle, Margarida Veiga and Tiago Tedim leave their places in the band as bassist and guitarist giving place to André Ribeiro and Telmo Marrão, dear old friends from the band and great musicians.

After this brief break, LYZZÄRD are now back with more strength than ever and eager to return to the stages, with the brothers Ricardo and Tiago Quelhas Azevedo, Luís Ferreira, André Ribeiro and Telmo Marrão, and with a new album entitled “The Abyss” ready to be released in December 2022 again through Fighter Records.

LYZZÄRD shared numerous stages like Trveheim in Germany, MetalManiacs in Spain, and some of the most popular concert houses in Portugal like Cave45 with bands like Tokyo Blade, Enforcer, Jameson Raid, Omen, Madmax, Glacier and many more...

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