Metallic hardcore quartet R.A.I.D have released their new single 'Aftermath', using their platform to shine a light on mental health, and more specifically the topic of suicide. The track is the first offering from their upcoming EP Dominion, due to release on 4th April.

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Vocalist Rueban Issac comments: "'Aftermath' is a song that aims to help suicide survivors cope with the loss of a loved one, and details out a path to recovery. Given the social stigma associated with suicide, most survivors are unable to cope with their loss as they are forced into an individualistic mode of grieving, making the healing process even more difficult."

On the EP Dominion, Issac elaborates: "R.A.I.D has always been a band focused on lyrically sharing a positive/motivational/uplifting message. Our new offering Dominion is musically and lyrically charged to prevent a person from ending their life. We have seen some of our close and dear friends who have gone through the worst in their life and chose death as the final solution. This has fueled us to create an EP with an intent to heal and help people in finding the right support. Dominion takes the listener on a journey of hope and recovery. From dopamine responses, to addressing depressive states, to being a vehicle for messages of hope and resilience, we believe that the songs on the EP not only raise an awareness on suicide, but also, provide a bridge to prevention."

Hyderabad, India’s newest old school hardcore/crossover thrash metal powerhouse R.A.I.D (Rueban And the Imperium Division) were founded in June 2016 by vocalist Rueban Issac.

R.A.I.D draw musical influence from hardcore legends such as Madball, Suicidal Tendencies, Agnostic Front and Hatebreed. Lyrically, the quartet focus on the classic ethos of hardcore, PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). R.A.I.D strive to breathe fresh music into a generic scene, pushing both music and lyrics to their fullest potential.

R.A.I.D have released three albums to date: The Strong Survive (2018), Imperium (2019) and Defiance (2022). Over the years, their music has earned them positive reviews, and has seen them feature in Rolling Stone, Decibel, Metal Addicts, True Metal, Heavy Magazine,, Unite Asia and The Metal Wanderlust, to name but a few.

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