MISANTHROPHI, the melodic death metal trio from Mexico have released their album Cosmicism and Decimation on CD via Mexican Steel Records. The album was previously a digital-only release.

Order here: https://misanthrophi.bandcamp.com/album/principles-of-cosmicism-and-decimation

Biting guitars, catchy riffs and guttural harsh lie in wait within Principles of Cosmicism and Decimation. The intriguing "Chaospiracy" explores the conspiracy of chaos - dark matter explains the universe yet we know we don't understand anything about it. Musically this track unleashes an array of styles and moods from thundering rhythms to intricate melodic offerings, aptly chaotic in its nature. "Born Corrupted" manifests an eerie tone, opening with an enveloping assemble of fast-paced technical riffs twisting, winding and entwining around each other. There's a sense of urgency and anguish presented through these intense instrumental arrangements.

Exploring our insignificance in the grand scheme of things, "Beyond Our Insignificance" brings a progressive and rhythmic offering to the album. MISANTHROPHI's technical bass lines and fierce vocals inject power while busy runs and melodies produce a distinctive effect. Further cosmic exploration is to be found in "Emptystemology". While most of the universe was previously thought to be 'vacuum', it's now considered dark matter. It's. Not. Empty. Thrashing heavy, high-octane metal contrasts with clean guitar leads, jazzy-leaning rhythms and bass before returning to melodic metal realms. It's a ferocious voyage into the universe beyond.

MISANTHROPHI gets their sound from the '90s Swedish Death Metal scene with a dash of Mexican experimentation while also encompassing Neo-Classical passages. MISANTHROPHI was formed in Mexicali, Mexico in February 2014. The name of the band incorporates 'phi' as a concept for aesthetics but merged with the word 'misanthrope' creates the meaning: "the beauty in contempt of humanity" or "the disillusionment with mankind due to its lack of harmony". It was also inspired by the song "Misanthrope" by DEATH and the band's STEM academic background.

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