If Milanku draws its origins from the work of Milan Kundera, the soundtrack is definitely more on the side of the thundering density of the being than of its “unbearable lightness”, galvanized by the Czech author. Following 5 years of absence, Milanku finally unveils a brand new single entitled “À l’aube; de leurs silences” (“In the dawn; of their silences”), which is an eleven-minute, slow, post-metal piece full of angst. This single is the first from the band’s upcoming fifth album “À l’aube”, which will be made available on March 31st, 2023 via labels Folivora Records (Canada), D7i (Canada/USA), and Moment of Collapse (EU). Milanku comments on the album:

“The song yearns to satisfy, through a sequence of ambient arrangements, the sometimes melancholic and other times rougher disconnect we all suffer from. It is a big opening number for this post-rock-shoegaze 5 piece whose upcoming album is poignant, intense, and heavily influenced by the emotions of despair and loneliness brought on by the pandemic. We think that fans will be happy, our first single is for them and is over 10 minutes of typical Milanku “mind travel” music.”

When it comes to writing, the music is normally built before the lyrics. Then the lyrics and vocals are composed and placed on the songs. They are very much influenced by the process of creating music. The result is the music presented with an intense emotional show accompanied by a slew of imagery. A performance filled with intensity and the feeling of pleasure shown by the band members from playing on stage.

This album has been four years in the making, and the band expects that it will be very well received. Sad, heavy, and melancholic, Milanku is heavily influenced by post-metal, hardcore, and crust. They are recommended listening for fans of Mogwai, GYBE!, and Neurosis.

Watch and listen to the music video for “À l’aube; de leurs silences” via its premiere on IDIOTEQ HERE.

Single pre-save - https://bfan.link/a-l-aube-de-leurs-silences

In additional news, Milanku will be performing in Québec City on February 17, 2023, at the Pantoum during the Phoque OFF Festival. More info can be found here.

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