Virtuosic metal guitarist Morgan Reid releases his debut album, Terran, today; the Canadian shredder has also shared a new single and video for the title track 'Terran'. As a gesture of appreciation towards his fans, Reid is also giving away an Ibanez RG 7-string guitar to anyone who shares the music video for 'Terran' using the hashtag #ibanezgiveaway.

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Morgan comments: "A portal is opening to an alternate version of earth: Terran. A glimpse into this world, colliding with our own, allows us to see our faults, shortcomings and the inner-darkness. We struggle to hold on to our humanity as the darkness fights to overtake us. This clash of worlds may however serve as a glimmer of hope for change! The constant battle, switching back and forth between imminent destruction and a better future... Where will it end? This new single, 'Terran', holds the torch of the album name, and boldly demonstrates Morgan's musical vision. It's both melodic and heavy, technical and epic, and is performed with a dynamic fervor suitable for otherworldly travel. This album brings an onslaught of new instrumental guitar driven metal - coming your way!"

'Terran' is the title track from Reid's long-awaited debut album, which is released today. The album features the previously released singles 'A Formless Icon', 'Grand Champ', 'Djinn & Juice' and 'Goliath Online'. The project is supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media (Germany).

Born in Toronto, Canada, Morgan is well-known for his fierce technical shredding, slamming riffs, bombastic windmills and his expressive, melodic lead lines.

Known as guitarist for melodic tech-death outfit Bloodshot Dawn, Morgan has been at the pinnacle of the guitar world for a good number of years already. Now a JTC, Ibanez and Elixir Strings artist, Morgan has made it to the top of many a guitar competition in the early 2010's including Guitar Idol, JTC solo competition and Per Nilsson's Guitar Messenger competition.

Morgan joined Bloodshot Dawn in 2015 following the departure of their previous lead guitarist to join Scar Symmetry. His first ever gig with the band was a sweaty one, the aptly named Incineration Fest in London, which preceded Morgan's first tour of Japan with the band.

He has since toured with the likes of Decapitated, Virvum, Fleshgod Apocalyse, and across Canada, Japan and Europe. He has also performed at Hellfest, Bloodstock, Hammerfest and Metaldays, among other big-name festivals.

Beside music, Morgan is also a professional dancer and choreographer. Having moved to Europe at the age of 18 to study dance, and the past 15 years of working in that field have been integral to Morgan's development as a composer and songwriter. An avid yoga enthusiast and martial artist, a metalhead who has developed his own unique, dynamic style of guitar driven music through his eclectic background.

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