Dive into the intense and mythological world of Leviathan with Nawabs Of Destruction's latest technical and progressive death metal masterpiece.

Nawabs Of Destruction, a technical/progressive/melodic death metal band, is excited to present their second single "Leviathan" from their highly anticipated sophomore album, 'Psychogenesis,' set to be released later this year. The single offers a unique dual perspective, immersing listeners in the epic mythological tale of Leviathan, the serpent god ruling the seven seas.

"Leviathan" evokes a powerful sense of awe through vivid imagery and intense language. The ocean and its waves are personified as the serpent god unleashes its wrath, reigning supreme. As a dark nemesis, Leviathan's divine energy controls the tides and the sea, restoring balance and order in the world.

The song's portrayal of Leviathan as an avenging force of destruction is essential for renewal and change. As the serpent god spreads its wings, it consumes the waves with tidal rage, signifying the end of an old order and the beginning of a new era. The lyrics ultimately represent the cyclical nature of life and the necessity for balance and renewal through both destruction and creation.

Nawabs Of Destruction previously released the first single "Divinity's Curse" from their upcoming album 'Psychogenesis' on March 18, 2022: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jIwH642szk. The band's line-up boasts renowned drummer Chason Westmoreland, known for his work with Burning the Masses, Hate Eternal, The Faceless, Enfold Darkness, and Demon King, as well as guitarist Robert Brown (Entheos, Ex. Slaughter to Prevail). The captivating lyrics for "Leviathan" were penned by Abhijit Asad.

Stay tuned for more updates on 'Psychogenesis' and dive into the powerful mythological world of "Leviathan" by Nawabs Of Destruction.

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