Experience the thrill of Nitro Fun and 3DI’s new House single, "Find Me." Filled with ominous vocals, driving basslines, and plenty of ear-pleasing treats, this track will transport you into a world of haunted beats and spine-tingling intensity.

This release follow’s Nitro Fun’s last Dim Mak single “Never Be The Same” - both of which follow his new melodic pop style and an aesthetic that resembles late 90s video games graphics and a cyberpunk atmosphere. On Twitter, Nitro Fun has teased some of the lore, playing around with the idea of being transferred into the digital world and an evil corporation “EYECORP” trying to stop him.

Gus Rangel (aka Nitro Fun) is a music producer and DJ who became known for being a pioneer in the fusion of chiptune and electronic music. In 2013, his skillful style of production got him signed to major label Monstercat at the early age of 14. His music has been licensed to AAA games such as Forza Horizon, LEGO, Sonic The Hedgehog, Just Shapes and Beats, and more for Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Nitro Fun’s live shows feature a set with drums, synthesizer, electric guitar and DJ setup. Nitro Fun has brought his show to festivals such as EDC Mexico, Ultra Korea, VH1 Supersonic India, ADE, and more. With hundreds of millions of streams on multiple platforms, Nitro Fun has consolidated himself as one of the most streamed artists of the genre.

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