Earlier this month PACKS announced a new EP entitled WOAH, the follow up to their acclaimed debut LP Take The Cake which came out on Fire Talk Records and Royal Mountain Records in 2021. While the album was a collection of what The FADER described as "reluctantly anthemic slacker rock" that earned comparisons to Pavement and Speedy Ortiz, the new EP showcases a more stripped-down version of Madeline Link's project, a collection of songs written between tours in support of the band's last album.

"These songs began when I got back in November from our small US tour with Wombo," Link says of the EP. "I had lost my voice completely and it had a nice scratchiness to it as it was coming back. Someone suggested I record a whole album of songs while my voice was like that. father’s truck was first. It came from a fever dream I had in a dander-steeped basement in Boston. Sure enough, my voice recovered and I spent the rest of the winter recording. All of the songs were recorded in Ottawa and Montreal as I dealt with the repetitive, gory horrors of desire and simultaneously dreamt some beautiful dreams."

The full EP is out today, and PACKS have shared a full EP length video.

WATCH: the WOAH video on YouTube

"In the film, grief and joy and confusion heap together to create the flesh and bones of the songs," Link explains. "Inspired by creepy things like Paranoid Park, The Lost Daughter, The Third Day, and funny things like Flight of the Conchords and cartoons, I got together with Silvertongue video cinematographer, Graeme Leung, and co-directed a haphazard vortex of meandering deeper meaninglessness."

01. turn the tap
02. who will it be
03. don't go for the goat's milk
04. father's truck
05. heaved
06. iknowiknow
07. tilted crowd
08. fm

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