QUICKSILVER NIGHT, known for their distinctive blend of progressive rock, announces the exclusive Bandcamp release of their enchanting Christmas single, “Whispers in the Snow,” featuring the soulful voice of DARK BEAUTY’s Liz Tapia and the exceptional guitar skills of Marco Iacobini. The single released across all digital platforms today.

“Whispers in the Snow” weaves a magical narrative set in a quaint town surrounded by snow-capped mountains. This enchanting story, narrated by Liz Tapia, melds QUICKSILVER NIGHT’s original compositions with classic Christmas carols, adorned with a baroque flurry of guitar melodies by Marco Iacobini.

Liz Tapia, a lyric mezzo-soprano with a versatile voice, brings a cinematic feel to this project, influenced by Anne Wilson and Linda Ronstadt. Marco Iacobini, a Rome-based composer and guitarist, adds a layer of professional depth and brilliant polish with his inventive playing.

“Whispers in the Snow” promises to be a heartwarming addition to your holiday playlist, blending the spirit of Christmas with the artistry of progressive rock.

Listen to the single here: https://youtu.be/qy6ki8_0iRM?si=vvhgjAEwAFNjfHks


QUICKSILVER NIGHT is the brainchild of Warren Russell, a guitarist and composer whose soul was forever imprinted by the Allegheny foothills surrounding his hometown of Olean, New York. After a distinguished 23-year career as a guitar player in various US Army bands, Russell moved on to begin creating his own music, finding solace in pursuing his art with newfound financial security. His musical background is a tapestry of influences, ranging from the classic rock and enduring bands of his boyhood to contemporary musicians that helped to define his style.

Collaboration is the heart of QUICKSILVER NIGHT. Russell's endeavor, which is not a typical band, depends on the contributions of a rotating group of gifted musicians and tech-savvy pals. They work in tandem to give the songs life, resulting in an ever-changing musical journey. Russell takes the lead but consistently acknowledges the crucial assistance of the talented team of collaborators that help bring his vision to fruition.

Russell's creative process is a blend of innovation and authenticity. He meticulously crafts each song using notation software.. This digital schematic becomes the foundation for the addition of live instruments, where guitars, vocals, and more breathe life into the melodies. Russell's unique approach, which he refers to as "hanging analog flesh on the digital skeleton," strikes a harmonious balance between creativity and practicality, resulting in the rich and captivating musical experience that is QUICKSILVER NIGHT

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