Over the past few years of her illustrious and unpredictable career, Roísín Murphy has steered every creative element, and key to this are her music videos. Across the albums “Hairless Toys” and “Take Her Up To Monto” and most recently the videos for “All My Dreams” and “Plaything”, Murphy has delivered wonderfully off-beat and enthralling snap shots of her artistic world. Today she shares the video for“Jacuzzi Rollercoaster” which might be her most ambitious directorial project to date.

Three months after the epic two day shoot for “All My Dreams”/”Plaything” in which Murphy recreated a rave at London’s The Store X, many of the same cast (invited through a clarion call via socials / word of mouth buzz) and lots of new faces assembled in a studio in King’s Cross for “Jacuzzi Rollercoaster” alongside Ali Love who features on the single. Murphy delves into the video’s creation; “This time a larger leap of imagination was required as we were shooting against a simple green screen, effectively removing the rave and concentrating solely on the ravers. The green screen enabled me to manipulate and collage the footage, the phrase “we’ve left the club and entered the drug” has been a kind of guiding principal. We have gone into the trip. “

The results are breath-taking, mind-melting and utterly addictive, with Murphy steering all creative elements and conquering all obstacles which stood in her way, as she has done across her whole career.

“The fact that the cast is there for the love is palpable on screen and I believe there would have been no other way to capture and to put on screen the ecstasy and naivety that makes for a authentic club experience.”

Jacuzzi Rollercoaster ft. Ali Love / Can’t Hang On’ are the third pair of songs in a series of four 12”singles produced by Baltimore maverick musician/producer/DJ Maurice Fulton and released throughThe Vinyl Factory.

Murphy has gone and made some of the most hip-twitching, pleasure-centre-stimulating music of her life. And it's being released in the only correct way for sounds so intimately connected to the dancefloor: on a series of 12” singles, with stunning graphics from Portuguese New Yorker Bráulio Amado.

  • 17th Oct Paradiso, Amsterdam
  • 28th Oct Metropolis Festival, Dublin

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