With the release of her much anticipated fifth album “Roisin Machine” just around the corner, the inimitable, indisputable pop icon Roisin Murphy unleashes a live performance music film. Watch HERE.

Roisin talking about the film: "Here I am in splendid isolation, in Sebastiano‘s house. A house that is almost part of nature, a near ruin of postmodernity. The pool where Robert Owens learned to swim. Where the amazing track Tomorrow Can Wait was recorded and if I listen to it there I always cry. The house that Baxter Dury moved into with his band to make the seminal HAPPY SOUP. A house of countless parties, after parties and after that parties. The house where I spent month after month lying around pregnant lulled by the song of the cicadas into occasionally recording a song myself, such as Altermate State with Jamie Jones along with a handful more, in the studio there.

After the lockdown this summer I got to spend a week completely alone there and fell even deeper in love with the place, I’d forgotten how much I need time alone, perhaps that’s the greatest luxury of all and really is “” Something More”

Due to manufacturing delays around Covid-19, the release of the new album 'Róisín Machine' has been moved back ONE WEEK to the new date of Friday October 2nd.

Pre-order “Roisin Machine” here.

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