A true wunderkind on the electronic music scene, Ryan Farish is back with a brand new album perfect for the crisp winter months. Available February 17, Embers and Light is a timeless, beautiful, and listenable album best enjoyed in front of the warm glow of a fireplace while snuggling up with someone you care deeply about.

The album’s first single, “Skylight” was written on Moog's newly reissued Model D. The resulting tune is warm and flowing with hints of classic Boards of Canada throughout. ‘I have always been fascinated with recorded music, in that recordings are a timeless representation of where an Artist is creatively, in a specific moment in time. In many ways, they are time capsules. Moments frozen in time, recorded music allows us to look both forward and back in time, through the music captured in these moments. “Skylight” really captures the essence of where I am artistically in the most present moment and was the most recent song I recorded for my upcoming album, ‘Embers and Light’, Farish says.

Other album standouts of note include the opening title track; a comforting lullaby with ethereal vocals, breakbeats, and weeping violins. The aptly titled “Sublime” is just that, a majestic track with trip-hop beats, a breathy choir, and an irresistible melody. “Wilderbloom” offers a nice warm slice of deep house, while ‘Mountain Air,” “Campfire” and “Skyward” are inspiring, vibey broken-beat tracks. “As Sure As The Sun Rises” radiates a feeling of hope and positivity. Those moments when you can’t help but smile and embrace the ability to let loose and leave your troubles behind. Following this euphoria, “Breathe in This Moment” offers a way to decompress and search inward. Inhale and let it go with this gorgeous ambient tune. The pace picks up again with the 4/4 throb of “See You Again” before the album draws to its conclusion with the tribal-infused “Floating”.

"Embers and Light was created during an intensely inspired season for me. During this time, I reconnected with the very first instrument I learned to play as a young musician, the violin. As much as I enjoy the latest technology and all the modern instruments available for recording and producing music, I am also passionate about classical music, and even the sounds of analog synthesizers from the earliest periods of electronic music with the Moog synthesizers from the 70s. It felt special, and inspiring for me to be often reaching for instruments both old and new during the production of this album. Oftentimes I reflected on the instrument and even the luthier who hand-made my violin over a century ago; this fine craftsmanship and art, is now finding a new life and journey unimaginable a century ago when this instrument was made. The attention to detail that is put into fine instruments both acoustic and electronic, as well as the recording tools and gear used in the studio, inspires me to strive for a high level of detail and attention to my songs and productions. The entire process feels special to me, and makes me acutely aware of the timeless connection we all share with music."

Embers and Light is available on February 17 through Rytone Entertainment. Keep an eye out for a companion full-length album to Embers and Light due later in 2023!


Certain paradigms in the world of electronic music cannot be entirely replicated, and the body of work by Ryan Farish deserves such an accolade. The decorated DJ, producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist has touched innumerable hearts over the course of his career. Although best described as downtempo or chillout, Farish’s music exists in a category all its own. By pairing rich instrumentals with elements of ambient and uplifting trance, he’s yielded a polished and unmistakable sound that resonates with a wide international audience. He’s garnered nearly half a Billion streams to date, as of this moment in time having achieved over 450 million streams across the major digital platforms. As electronic music’s youngest generation of enthusiasts continues to discover the music of Ryan Farish, his catalog of music will continue to expand. For Farish, the artistic journey continues to be embarked upon with new avenues constantly being explored – with “Embers and Light” and forthcoming bodies of work still to be revealed being of no exception.

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