In a unique fusion of heavy music's most intense genres, the ferocious death metal band SATANIC TEA CO. has announced they will be joining the post-hardcore powerhouse FRAIL BODY on their eagerly anticipated tour. This collaboration is set to offer fans an unparalleled live music experience, merging the brutal riffs and dark themes of SATANIC TEA CO. with the emotionally charged and dynamic performances of FRAIL BODY.

With both bands renowned for their formidable presence within their respective scenes, this tour promises not only to showcase their musical prowess but also to bridge the gap between death metal and post-hardcore audiences. Fresh off their innovative remix of "Human Tea" with the electronic-pop sensation Male Tears, SATANIC TEA CO. is eager to bring their raw energy and sonic brutality to stages across the country, complementing FRAIL BODY’s exploration of intensity and emotion in their music.

Crucifix, the lead vocalist of SATANIC TEA CO., expressed excitement about the tour, stating, “We are pleased to announce we will be performing horrific grinding death live alongside Frail Body in Western Canada this July.

Frail Body just put out a phenomenal record Artificial Bouquet via DeathWish Records and we are excited to help celebrate the release this summer. Satanic Tea Co will also be performing brand new songs on this run that we can’t wait to show y’all!”

This unique collaboration between two powerhouses of the heavy music scene is scheduled to begin on July 14th, promising an array of unforgettable performances. Here are the eagerly awaited tour dates and venues:

  • July 14th: Vancouver, BC at Bully's
  • July 16th: Kelowna, BC at Jackknife Brewing
  • July 17th: Calgary, AB at Dickens
  • July 18th: Saskatoon, SK at Black Cat Tavern
  • July 19th: Winnipeg, MB at The Handsome Daughter
  • July 20th: Regina, SK at The Exchange

This tour is not just a series of concerts; it's a testament to the power of music to bring together diverse sounds and communities. SATANIC TEA CO. and FRAIL BODY are ready to tear down the walls between genres, inviting fans of all music backgrounds to join them in a celebration of intensity, emotion, and raw musical talent.

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