Belgian black metal force Serpents Oath proudly announces their upcoming third album, 'REVELATION,' scheduled to be unleashed on November 24th through Odium Records (known for their work with Black Altar, Ofermod, Beastcraft, and more). The album is a testament to the band's unyielding commitment to the black metal genre, showcasing their evolution and artistic depth.

The captivating cover artwork for 'REVELATION' is the creation of the talented Néstor Avalos (known for his work with Dark Funeral, Rotting Christ, among others). This visual masterpiece serves as a continuation of the rebellion of Lucifer depicted on the band's first two albums, with Lucifer now claiming the Throne of God.

The album embarks on a profound conceptual journey, divided into three chapters, symbolizing the stages of an initiate's transformation into an adept. These chapters mirror the spiritual and personal evolution, exploring themes of breaking boundaries, de-identification, and rebirth. Each chapter offers a unique perspective on the subject, capturing the essence of fire from various angles - as the spark of life, the destructive force, and the inner flame of enlightenment.

Prepare to be engulfed in the crushing vortex of skull-piercing riffs and the embodiment of hate as 'REVELATION' is unveiled on November 24th through Odium Records.

"Live by the rule of Fang and Claw, Survival is the highest Law"

Tracklist for 'REVELATION':

01. Invocatio Genesis
02. Blood Covenant
03. Gateways to Tiamat
04. Purification through Fire
05. Invociatio Apocalypsis
06. Beyond the Void
07. Drakonian Gnosis
08. Path of the Serpent
09. Invocatio Resurrectio
10. Cult of Death
11. Unto Typhon
12. Pandaemonium

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