Six new bands were confirmed for the Summer Breeze line-up:


There are few bands in death metal surrounded by such a cult-like aura as this lot. There's several reasons for that: the concept of working with different singers (formerly Mikael Akerfeldt and Peter Tägtgren, currently Nick Holmes) who are all huge, well-respected names in the scene is one of them. Another one might be the fact that, around the turn of the millennium, when nobody gave a shit about old-school Swedish death metal, they simply ignored this, breathing new life into an agonizing genre. However, the biggest and most important reason for the exceptional status this band enjoys is the unbelievably high quality of their musical output. No matter if it's just old-school as fuck (the first two albums), a little more technical ('The Fathomless Mastery') or darker than ever (their current record 'Grand Morbid Funeral'), with each one of their sinister songs BLOODBATH manage to make every death metal fan's heartbeat race in excitement. You can look forward to a very special highlight at SUMMER BREEZE 2015 and in SUMMER BREEZE history in general.

Revel In Flesh

Whoever names their band after a track off the Swedish death metal classic 'Left Hand Path' has already won in the old-school death metal community. And since their name keeps what it promises, REVEL IN FLESH have done everything right.
At least that's the word in the death metal underground, which the boys from Schwäbisch Gmünd have already managed to stir up with three full-length albums and several strictly limited splits in four years. Especially the most recent one, 'Death Kult Legions', bristles with the Swabian quintet's growing self-confidence, delivering one death metal anthem after another. So it's pretty logical that we had to grant the guys another virtual home game at SUMMER BREEZE 2015. Be there to pay tribute to death metal in its purest form.

Nailed To Obscurity

Pairing death metal with great melodies is something that many bands try, but few succeed at. NAILED TO OBSCURITY belong to these rare species, as they managed to surprise the domestic underground with their debut album 'Opaque'.
Those yet unfamiliar with the guys from Lower Saxony should consider the following musical references: Insomnium, early Katatonia, early Opeth and Dark Tranquillity. The quintet cleverly combines the aforementioned influences with their own feeling, a knack for exciting song structures, atmospheric depth and gripping melodies. Once you have spun 'Opaque' a few times in your player, it's hard to take it out again. If NAILED TO OBSCURITY manage to tie in with this awesome studio work in a live situation, this should be a real treat for all melodic death metal fans. Be there or be square!

Temple Of Baal

Put on some warm clothes, dear SUMMER BREEZE community. It's going to get dark and grim in Dinkelsbühl in August. Not due to bad weather, but due to TEMPLE OF BAAL!
These Frenchmen celebrate a deadly, hateful, life-denying version of blackened death metal – or deathly black metal. The line that divides both genres is blurred beyond recognition in the sound of this band from the city of love (nice contradiction to their music!). While in their beginnings they were still leaning towards black metal, they have kept adding more and more death metal, until equating both genres completely on their latest album 'Verses Of Fire'. If you take a look at the band's YouTube channel, you will realize that TEMPLE OF BAAL unleash a huge firestorm in a live situation, destroying all those not quick enough to run for safety. Soon to be witnessed at SUMMER BREEZE 2015 by all those who don't fear real darkness.

Fire Red Empress

Ready for some kick-ass rock? Then FIRE RED EMPRESS is the band for you!
This group delivers riff after riff in an explosive fashion. Unfortunately the Birmingham quintet has only released en EP titled 'Paint Me The Devil' so far, but it has such massive balls that their upcoming album, if it keeps or even tops the class of its predecessor, will set a big exclamation mark in metallic rock. Situated somewhere in between Queens Of The Stone Age, Godsmack, Volbeat and episodes of punkish snottiness, FIRE RED EMPRESS reveal a hit potential that is rarely found in newcomer bands. If this band takes the right career steps at the right time, we could be in for something really big. Don't miss them at SUMMER BREEZE 2015, so later you can proudly brag about being there during one of those very first steps.

The Gogets

THE GOGETS are a true phenomenon. Until last year they only had one demo on the market, yet they have already played all over the world (including a show on Europe's biggest festival stage in front of 160,000 people) and been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine.
In 2014 their official debut 'Gained Noise' was finally released, making it clear why these four Austrians are so hot. Their mix of rock, pop, punk, alternative and metal immediately hits your ear AND body. Hit after hit after hit, the highly melodic vocals make every fan want to sing along at the top of their lungs. Plus these guys are a great example that music can be radio-friendly without being completely polished. So if you are not afraid of some catchy tunes, which you will find yourself humming days after SUMMER BREEZE 2015, and that your girlfriend might fall for the four smart guys from Vienna, you should definitely go see THE GOGETS.

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