Sweden's SVARTKONST will release their third studio album, "May the Night Fall", September 29th via Trust No One Recordings, today unveiling the record's cover art, track listing, and first single "Endless Dark".

Since the band's debut album "Devil's Blood" in 2018, which hit like a minor bomb in the extreme metal circles and was nominated by Aftonbladet (Sweden's biggest newspaper) to be the year's second best album, the hype around SVARTKONST keeps on growing. With their vision of blending the heaviness and filth of Swedish Death Metal with the coldness and desperation of Black Metal, the band succeeds in its own way to deliver heavy riffs, sharp melodies and intense aggression that leaves no one untouched.

Following their latest album "Black Waves" (2020), which has been nominated for the Swedish Indie Grammy "Manifestgalan", in 2023 SVARTKONST are finally about to launch the next intense chapter in the band's history with their third full-length record "May the Night Fall".

In support of the new album, SVARTKONST have released the first single "Endless Dark" today. The track is released alongside a brand new lyric video, which you can watch here:

Svartkonst - Endless Dark (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO) - YouTube

SVARTKONST mastermind Rickard Törnqvist comments:
"Endless Dark was one of the first tracks I wrote for the new album and has been in our live set since last year. It's one of the faster songs on the record, and has strong roots in black metal.
But it is more complex than that, it borrows from many genres, and if you are familiar with Svartkonst then that is not something new. It opens up violently, an explosion of pummeling drums and tremolo picking. Hypnotizing rhythms and screams from the beyond. When it finally takes us to the chorus, it opens up and transforms into an infectious and wicked groove.

'Endless Dark of Morning Star - They feel the fire, the eternal flames as it burns their angel wings'

It later breaks down into a lonesome melancholic lead, accompanied by an abrasive bass line then ascends into a crescendo, or the climax of the track as a beautifully dark lead emerges."

"May the Night Fall" track listing:

01. Haunt Me
02. Breath of Satan

03. Straight to the Grave

04. Endless Dark

05. Spectral Mirror

06. Crooked Horns

07. Filth Worship

08. Concrete and Steel

09. May the Night Fall

10. Crown of Dead Flowers

"May the Night Fall" will be coming out on September 29th via Trust No One Recordings and is now available for pre-order at THIS LOCATION

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