Témé Tan celebrates the arrival of summer with the release of Pancake, the new single taken from latest album Quand il est Seul. A funky, heady track that mixes Lingala and English, for which the Belgian singer-songwriter and producer teams up with his Canadian friend Pierre Kwenders, whom he met in Montreal in 2017:

"Pierre and his manager suggested I stay at the Moonshine collective's headquarters - right in the middle of the polar vortex! I ended up spending February 2019 there composing new tracks. Pierre's voice and the energy of the collective really inspire me."

Both artists bring their unique styles and perspectives, resulting in a rich, layered sound that feels fresh and innovative. Their voices complement each other perfectly, creating a dynamic interplay that enhances the song's seductive theme.

Pancake is more than just a catchy tune — it's a sultry and heartfelt exploration of desire and the plea for mutual affection. The lyrics weave a narrative of yearning and persuasion, as the singer implores the object of their desire to fall for them and engage in an intimate connection. The metaphor of a pancake, with its layers and sweetness, subtly hints at the pleasures and complexities of romantic and physical attraction.

The track's infectious rhythm and evocative lyrics make it a must-listen for anyone looking to experience the thrill and vulnerability of romantic pursuit.

Listen to Pancake here: temetan.ffm.to/pancake

After making crowds dance and touring the four corners of the earth with his 2017 self-titled debut, Témé Tan now celebrates his big comeback.

Simplifying his pace of life, Tanguy Haesevoets used the pandemic as an opportunity to take a break from the world and his musical alter ego to refocus on his loved ones and his family life. Away from the city, he built his own studio where he composed new songs and recharged his psychic batteries. Without renouncing his plurality of influences, Tanguy returned to basics to craft an incandescent second album, Quand il est seul.

Listen to the new album here: temetan.ffm.to/quandilestseul

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