LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles-based musicians Jennifer Cook and Anne Montone are Again Again, an award-winning performing duo that makes progressive music for all ages.

To celebrate the wonderful teachers in our world, Again Again will release a super-catchy new single, “Thank You Teacher,” on May 3, just in time for Teacher Appreciation Week (May 6 – 10). Special guest is LA-based kindie rocker Mista Cookie Jar, who adds his signature hip hop stylings to this sparkling pop number.

Anne Montone grew up loving her teachers and understands just how important teachers can be in shaping who we become. Having been a teacher for a decade, Jennifer Cook knows the hard work that goes into being a good educator. Inspired by all the teachers in their lives, past and present, the duo wrote “Thank You Teacher.”

Over the past year, Anne and Jennifer got to know Mista Cookie Jar, a fantastic creator in the kindie music space, whom CBS named one of the best acts in Los Angeles. When the three decided to collaborate on “Thank You Teacher,” their initial concept was that Mista Cookie Jar would only sing the song’s bridge. However, the creative process was so exciting that he ended up contributing an epic verse and a tremendously fun edit to the number. The result is pure magic.

Again Again is the creative vision of two musical mamas and longtime friends. Anne Montone and Jennifer Cook met during their first week of freshman year at Occidental College and have been making music together ever since. As a "kids-at-heart" pair of singer-songwriters, musicians, and parents, Anne and Jennifer have developed a one-of-a-kind style of family music to be experienced again and again.

Anne Montone is a native of Portland, Oregon who now resides in Los Angeles where she is mother to a son, a stepdaughter, and a dog baby. Growing up in the great Northwest inspired her sense of adventure, and music has been a part of her family’s life for as long as she can remember. When she’s not singing and writing songs with Again Again, Anne loves being outdoors, checking out the latest action movies, and diving smile-first into new experiences.

Jennifer Cook has not only used her voice to sing, but also to educate and to portray fun and interesting characters through voice acting. A bilingual instrumentalist and former teacher, Jennifer honed her talents in Los Angeles, where she currently lives with her family of two-legged and four-legged creatures: her husband, daughter, and two dogs, respectively.

Previous Again Again releases include the albums Your Voice is Magic (2022) and Listen.Love.Repeat (2019, Parents’ Choice® Award); an EP, Wash Your Hands/La Marcha de Manos Sanas (2021); and the singles “Signs Up High” and “Pronoun Party” (2022).

Thank You Teacher” will be available starting May 3, 2024 at major digital retailers.

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