Australian “Doomed Melodic Death” metallers The Incantus have released the fourth single from their upcoming, eponymous debut album – itself releasing April 26th.

The artwork by Ellie Simone Artistry that accompanies this humble review gave an ominous, shadowy backdrop to my first listens as I typed.

Upon researching the pronunciation of this word, to learn of it’s Gaelic origin did not come as much of a surprise, considering that the band quite openly flies the flag of Irish diaspora. Pronounced “Shee”, Sidhe of the Barrow weaves a tale steeped in the folklore of the “Wild Hunt”. Whilst versions of the tale a prevalent throughout Europe, the story in Ireland speaks of a horde of malevolent dark fae and their horde of “unforgiven dead”, which would descend from the skies to claim the souls of the innocent.

In fact, this folktale still leaves a mark on our modern world, with parts of rural Ireland still ensuring that the windows on the western side of their homes remain ever closed, girding themselves should the hunt ever return.

The howling vocals of Kris Corvus echoed every fibre of this tale, carrying the same immense conviction that can be heard in the previous three singles – “Goddess Ablaze”, “Protraction of Night”& Wintersmith”. Despite still very much establishing themselves, its without a doubt that The Incantus is going to be one of those special acts to keep very close tabs on.

Around 3 minutes in, I was disarmed by a sudden halt in the pace of the song, only to hear something unworldly clawing at what I assume is a door, whilst uttering something wicked in what one could only assume is old Irish. A really unique and unexpected beat in a stellar track.

“Sidhe of the Barrow” is available now on all streaming platforms.

Listen to it here:

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