US doom metal giants THE OBSESSED premiere the second single taken from their long-anticipated fifth album "Gilded Sorrow", to be released on February 16th through Ripple Music. Stream "Stoned Back To The Bomb Age" via Metal Injection now!

Fronted by legendary guitarist and vocalist Scott "Wino" Weinrich, the iconic doom metal powerhouse THE OBSESSED comes roaring back after seven years with their awaited new studio album and Ripple Music debut "Gilded Sorrow". Expanded to a four-piece with Jason Taylor on rhythm guitar, their music is more aggressive, straightforward and downright mean than ever before: firing on all cylinders, the foursome delivers their most rocking album of all time with "Gilded Sorrow". Described by Wino as "the heaviest thing he's ever done", this new sonic onslaught from the mighty East Coast foursome is about to leave an indelible mark on the 2024 heavy music landscape!

Listen to The Obsessed's new single "Stoned Back To The Bomb Age"

About the song, frontman Scott "Wino" Weinrich says: "There was a time when I listened to a lot of daytime radio to take the edge off an extremely mundane lifestyle. George W. Bush was president and the USA had started the Afghanistan war. One day, I heard Deputy Secretary of Defense Armitage say: "If Pakistan gets involved in this, we will bomb them back to the stone age." I was struck by the callous brutality of this statement, and we crafted "Stoned Back to the Bomb Age" in a straightforward fukk you to these inhuman war pigs and the other unelected swine that run the world and are plotting humanities demise as you read this!"

"Gilded Sorrow" was produced by Frank Marchand, Scott "Wino" Weinrich and Jason Taylor. Mixed and engineered by Frank Marchand and mastered by Alan Douches. It will be issued on vinyl, CD and digital on February 16th through Ripple Music. Don't forget to watch their latest video for "It's Not OK"!

New album "Gilded Sorrow" Out February 16th, 2024 on Ripple Music
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Scott “Wino” Weinrich is a living legend. In a way, he is the American version of Lemmy and shares many traits with the late, much-beloved metal icon. He’s always been a rebel, loner and an outsider in an outsider scene, pursuing his music without regard for popularity or acceptance. In the process, he came to be considered one of the early pioneers of American doom. All of this began when he founded THE OBSESSED back in the 70s, then pursued through his many other outfits such as Saint Vitus or Spirit Caravan. As a key part of the 80s Washington/Maryland music scene, his music earned the respect of metal, punk and crossover fans alike while often being dubbed doom metal. Looking back, it was just gritty, street-wise American metal with a cynical bent and psychedelic flair, and this is what made him the unique and timeless heavy music icon he is today.

THE OBSESSED was formed in the late 1970s in Potomac, Maryland by legendary guitarist Scott “Wino” Weinrich (Saint Vitus, Spirit Caravan). The band spawned in the realm of musicians/artists such as Black Sabbath, Frank Zappa, The Dictators, and The Stooges. The earliest lineup consisted of Wino, bassist Mark Laue, guitarist John Reese, and drummer Dave Flood. In 1983, Wino took over vocal duties and the band became a three-piece to record the Sodden Jackal EP. The band broke up in the late 80s after Wino moved to California to join Saint Vitus. At that time, a German label, Hellhound Records, and the booking agency that had signed Saint Vitus, released The Obsessed, originally recorded in 1985, prompting Wino to reform THE OBSESSED. After multiple lineup changes, the band signed to Columbia Records in 1994 to release their third and final album, The Church Within. Despite highly acclaimed reviews, they would break up following the release, seeing Wino forming Spirit Caravan (then Shine) and other projects.

In September 2011, THE OBSESSED returned to the stage at Roadburn Festival with The Church Within‘s legendary lineup of Wino, Greg Rogers, and Guy Pinhas. The band played a few more reunion shows over the next couple of years, including Hellfest Open Air in 2012 and Maryland Deathfest XI in May 2013 with bassist Reid Raley. Wino announced the full-time return of the band iin March 2016 and the band’s official signing to Relapse Records to record the follow-up to The Church Within. The new lineup originally consisted of Spirit Caravan bassist Dave Sherman and Wino’s longtime friend and former road crew member Brian Costantino (drums). On October 31st, 2016, Wino announced a new lineup change, including Bruce Falkinburg (bass) and Seraphim (guitar), making it the first time the band had been a four-piece in over thirty-five years.

In 2017, THE OBSESSED unleashed Sacred, the band’s first studio album in over twenty years, further pushing the band into the annals of heavy metal history. After a few years on the road, the lineup stabilized around Brian Costantino on drums, Chris Angleberger on bass, Jason Taylor on guitar, and Scott "Wino" Weinrich at the helm. The iconic foursome is now ready to embrace this new decade in doom with their awaited fifth album "Gilded Sorrow", to be released in February 2024 as part of their new collaboration with Californian label Ripple Music.

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