UK heavy metal trailblazers The Spectre Beneath are back with their electrifying new single "Forsaken...We All Fall," set for release on May 1st, 2023. This self-released track showcases the band's unique blend of heavy, power, and progressive metal, featuring new vocalist Stevie's powerful range and soulful delivery.

The band faced adversity after the departure of their former vocalist L Lockser due to medical reasons, but triumphantly rose with the addition of Stevie on vocals. Her soulful and powerful voice breathes new life into the band, showcasing her impressive range and injecting an element of sass into their already dynamic sound.

When discussing the creative process behind the track, guitarist and bass player Pete Worrall explains, "I had two separate ideas - the opening riff and the rest of the song. It was suggested to put both together, and as we recorded the transition from one idea to the next, the notion of having an instrumental beginning was born." The lyrics, influenced by the film The Omega Man, revolve around the 'last person alive' subject, with vocal melodies crafted by Worrall, Katy Lennon, and Silvija Bogojevic.

In terms of production, Worrall wanted the song to have its own identity and provide a new experience for listeners. "We fattened up the guitars and added a little more fuzz as well as adding more overdrive to the bass," he shares.

"Forsaken...We All Fall" holds a special meaning for the band, as it was the first song they played and recorded with new vocalist Stevie. The song is about a survivor of a zombie apocalypse who knows her fate will be to eventually become one of them, but only when her heart gives up. Worrall says, "It was the first song we played for and recorded with new vocalist Stevie, and she thought it was good enough to agree to sing on it, so the song holds a lot of meaning for us in that respect."

As for how the release fits into the band's overall discography and evolution as artists, Worrall emphasizes that "Forsaken…We All Fall" has all The Spectre Beneath trademarks: fast rhythms, soaring vocals, catchy melodies, intricate riffs, and a thematic subject. "Because of its length, instrumental beginning, middle eight and bigger sound, it pushes the boundaries of the template laid down for our faster tracks on our previous releases," he adds.

The band hopes their fans will embrace the change in sound and continue to support them, especially their new singer, Stevie. Worrall concludes, "Our biggest hope is our fans will like and get behind our new singer. Although super talented, her tone is more soulful and has an element of sass in her voice as opposed to the subtleties of our previous vocalist. We hope our fans can embrace this change in sound and continue to give us their brilliant support."

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